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    Juggalette, the herb...well not anymore, or not for awhile!!!!! short, 100lbs...blue eyes...brown hair....
  1. I've done all of those as well..I'm graduating a year early..and nor do I regret any of them, it was an experience, and that's what life is about. Then, again this anxiety could be because of the drugs(peoples minds handle things differently) AND the situations I was in.....fuck it, who knows.
  2. I've done alot of shit, alot of times. It seems though I'll do it too the max and as soon as I quit and then do it again, I can not handle it like before. I just recently even quit smoking weed(still drinking though)..but the problem with drugs is when you quit, it sometimes rises up far worse problems, not physically but mentally, I now have SEVERE anxiety and mild depression and am now on an antidepressant, because they fucked up balances in my brain. But I'm not preaching against it, cause I
  3. K well I just got put on lexapro for anxiety and depression, but I am scared it could make me break out because this past Summer I was taking seasonale(birth control) and that was the cause of my acne(atleast I would assume) so I stopped taking that, and now I am pretty much clear. Enough of my babbling, does anyone know if this could happen?
  4. only when your doing it does it FEEL like its solving something. Problem is it only solves it for just a little while. when I did cut, well it was not anything physically related but just shit that goes on in life, and I was at the mind state where I couldn't see anything good anymore.
  5. I used to have a problem with coke, a year ago. I couldn't stop, I didn't WANT to stop. And until' I wanted to stop, I wouldn't, so you got to want before you do. You've got to really really want it, but see I'm the type of person who has really good self-control when I wanna use it, so sharpen up those skills.peace, and I know its hard.
  6. their a person and just because their sterotyped a certain way means no different, and probably if they did have acne that would make their life even more hell other than having no friends, they would feel even more so that it is their face problems that make them a social outkast.
  7. think of how much more shallow you would be if you did have clear skin..cuz by the looks of it your shallow enough...
  8. HAHA that's some hilarious bizness right there.
  9. Yeah thats basically what i meant, but not so much cuz everyone was doing it, just cause it was extremely fun and i didnt care about anything else but about having fun. And because you make these decisions when your all messed up on shit, you live to regret most the shit you did.
  10. Late on subject but new to site. so hey, why not. I lost my virginity at 14, horrible experience, ha, well I'm 16 now. Funny thing is, the problem was not with looks or anything...more like....stupid young girl taking things cause their hella "fun"..
  11. You don't know what type of girl she is so you won't know what type of reaction you'll get. ...kissing her right off would be bad...
  12. By the looks of it you don't want to be ovious and you've already made a small attemp by making eye contact and having her smile at you. Do it again, the more smiles you get the more confidence you'll get, then one of those days she smiles back finally say HI, come on not that hard, and if shes a bitch and doesn't respond, you have the choice to ever see her again, right. TAKE A CHANCE!