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  1. Hi! I did the apple fast, or acne free in 3 days...it's didn't make my acne go away entirely, but I enjoyed the fast,and I will di it again. It made me feel healthier, and the castor oilnthey recommend works pretty good

  2. So? what do you guys think about the sites i mentioned? have you tried them?
  3. Oh, sry then.. Yes, i did try to serach for chris gibson and acnefree4ever.com
  4. Hello guys, I just wanted to share my experience with those guides. I really liked both, both work on natural way to cure acne. They both work, but i liked Acnefree4ever.com more because its very cheap hehe and it does wonders, without using any harsh topical creams, all natural. Same goes for acnefreein3days but it is a bit more difficult due to the diet changes and apples only etc. what do you guys think? Which is better? Acnefree4ever.com / acnefreein3days.com I wanna check reviews.
  5. Hey, has anyone tried any of these? http://acnefreein3days.com / http://www.acnefree4ever.com ? Im really frustrated, any reviews on them?
  6. 40 mg - 4 months, no other topicals / adds.
  7. I dont need to shave much actually lol im almost 21 and i still almost have no HAIR on my face.. Anyway, thanks for the replays guys.. and i already did bloodtests before accutane. I want to take the LOWEST dosage availabe.. to avoid wrinkles and dryness as much as i can. whats the lowest dosage? 10*2 MG per day? my weight is 65-67 and im 1.72-1.74cm thanks
  8. Hello guys. Im 20.5 years old male, ive acne since age 13-14. I used Retin A , Benzoyl peroxide and much other crap to cure it but nothing helped to be honest. belive it or not, All natural regimen - caveman worked the best but im still breaking out - no cysts or something but still breaking out.. this is a picture of my skin +-: the skin you are looking at right now is a skin that didnt get a wash for at least 2 months. i think it is still curing it self but i cant live with this acne .. my
  9. Hey.. Ive started the "ALL Natural regimen" like 7 days ago. i didnt let any water touch my face for the last 7 days and my skin kinda look the same like how it looked when i used BP @ morning and AHA @ night. Im still optimistic but theres one problem that is annoying me.. im breaking out with alot of small whiteheads.. alot.. around 6-7 on my right cheek and 5-6 on my forehead.. they are small but its alot.. they are coming and leaving.. my diet is fine i think: fruits,veggies,fish oil, nuts,
  10. Hello guys.. Well, where am i going to start.. im 20 years old now and im suffering from acne since 13-14.. I tried some products included Retin A, BP , Diet change and nothing seem to help alot.. Well, the Acne.org Regimen seem to help but tbh i dont want to be BP Dependant my whole life or for alot of time.. Anyway the acne never went away even with the acne.org regimen, it just gave the best results.. I always tried to avoid accutane.. in any other way.. but i dont think i can avoid that now
  11. Ye i thought about that.. but how do i add it to my regimen? I use BP twice a day (morning and evening) - where do i add the AHA? and can you give me a link? thanks
  12. hello guys.. In the last 1 year i had moderate acne and i didnt take care of it good enough.. I was in the sun.. I didnt use moisturizer and i used alot of products.. (Retin A, BP etc). 3 months ago i started the regimen and my active acne kinda stopped.. (pimple here and there) now after all this things my skin looks damaged.. and ive laugh lines.. and the signs of smiling stays even if im not smiling.. i didnt have this things before.. i guess it appears because of damaged skin or something.