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  1. I am getting old and want a good anti aging skin care product.I have heard olive oil is the best natural product..How true is this.
  2. Hi all. Which is a good anti aging cream that prevents wrinkles and doesn't cause side effects.I don't want to use retin a.
  3. I am a vegetarian and eats tons of fiber but,still i poop thrice a week.
  4. Hi all, I am using Retin-A and completed 6 months and until now,everything is ok.But,when i started taking zinc(50mg) 2 weeks ago,it is breaking me out(pastules).Is it because of zinc or retin a.
  5. I completed six months and for the past 10 days,i am getting breakout real bad.Now,they are leaving red scars. I hate myself
  6. My derm recommended it,i have been using this for years before applying retina/bp.It is the best cleanser ever.
  7. About 2 months but, it also depends on your skin.I have completed 5 months and still get surprise breakouts.
  8. lol, smile dude you're clear! Hey i am happy :lol: