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  1. hi not wanting to be funny with you but ur lacking information, a pic would be best or information on how you think your pores got in this state, or what Procedure caused them to become enlarged. its like me going to a doctor and just saying im ill and giving no more information. this is not the first time you have put this as a topic you have classed it as scar/large pores in about another 3/4 topics and no one has replied. i find people on here very helpfull but you have to provide them with
  2. can someone help me with this please i am looking into another led light box, at the moment i have a beauty skin one which does blue/red red goes up too 659nm i still have slight spots so was thinking of using this in the morn still and maybe buying a infared one to use at night off the led man does this sound like a good idea i dont have too much money to spend or great knowledge on leds i was thinkin the Mega Array with 96 880nm would be best as im already using one that contains the lower
  3. out of research i have done as i suffer from this i beleive it is micro swelling around your pores from trauma to ur skin basically, mine was from a peel, i agree with lamarr use the led lights if u want to use something but i wouldnt use a dermaroller as i cant see this helping with your pores if it is micro swelling like mine. it will just prolong it i would have thought. i have used a led lamp not a very good one mind but i do believe it is helping slightly i havent used it to often to be hon
  4. welcome to my world i did a peal and it left my face in a mess my pores are huge now im 6 months on and see little improvment to be honest. i would advise you to wait the year out and not mess as i did some messing and prob made mine worse . in my opinion other people have diff ones some people say its because you have taken to much skin away and it needs to rebuild. but i personally believe well from how it looks on my face is around the pores have got swollen basically there in shock so i wo
  5. hey have you used any peels or anything that is what caused mine mate, maybe u could try a led light that is meant to help pore size but then again so is the dermaroller
  6. hey all thought id pop by aint been on in a while hope all is well with everyone? i havent used mine in a while sigh
  7. hellllllllllllllllllllo you need red leds im not up to spec on these although i do use one lamarr is the man to see if you look for the topic "ok guys" this has all the info you need on led and also a link on where to buy them i would say if you are treating the whole face get a lamp that has 3-2 sides to it as if its just a single face you will be bored sitting down for 45 mins doing 15 mins on each side, where as if you have a lamp that does front and both cheeks you only need 15 mins this is
  8. best person to speak to is lamarr ive read alot of his posts and i believe he has used it before. so are u still using the glycolic peel? mines 2 months on and mine hasn't gone away maybe slight improvments. i have asked on the site you where on about my bad peel and they say copper peptides but im a bit skeptical to be honest im looking into it more before i mess with my face again. let us know if you find anything out about this. but i would still stop the peels just my opinion. if you notice
  9. i just noticed uv posted this exact same question on another forum, although u didnt say u used a glycolic acid peel on this topic. if u look back at my topics and posts u will see this is what messed my face up with the orange peel effect chemical peels aren't suited for everyone and damage can be Permanent i would strongly advise you not to use this again. ive spoke to quite a few people about this and alot said they have had improvments after time and good skin care ie moisturiser if u keep
  10. ahaaaaaaaaa im not sure if mine are pores or not sigh! if u keep it up ur gona be smoother than a babys bum one day den lol
  11. hey you have to be very carefull with peels you mite make em worse specially if you cant get cream on it easily. im using a product called bio oil thats meant to help with scaring will let you know how i get on mate. you could try a dermaroller prob be a pain trying to use it on back though to be honest
  12. looking alot better den question for u on the side of ur face u have round hole marks are these open pores or something else as i have them on my forhead 2.
  13. rouvers this replys for you i have both dermaroller and the divine kit so i have hands on, on both kits. what are you treating and where? in my opinion for hands on use if you are using the divine kit it is excellent to use on the cheeks as i dont like using the dermaroller on the cheeks as its difficult to do by yourself in my opinion. although i do like the dermaroller better on the forehead as it seems to take a very long time to do with the divine kit and seen as its more painfull on the for
  14. id have thought theyd be smaller unless they are damaged pores?