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  1. i got one from LED man. it was cheap and i got the red and blue combo.
  2. to ameliabright: As I can tell it only comes in the one shade and as you can see from my picture my skin is very light so it actually is close to perfect for me....
  3. Well I got it from my derm (it was $22) but I also googled glytone products and it looks like you can order it online too! I hope if you get it that you love it as much as I do! Good luck
  4. i use glytone. it is 8% sulfur and is flesh tinted so it covers my redness also. i love it and no it does not stink!
  5. Yes it is a topical cream. I got it from my dermatologist and he also gave me sulfur soap to use before the topical. I really like both and he told me I could continue using Dans AHA so I use that when I'm feeling dry or for spot treatment. I think that my derm is going to give me an antibiotic also this week! But ya I like the glytone even though it was $22 and its a small bottle so very pricey!
  6. My dermatologist recently sold me glytone which is a sulfur medicine so it controls oil AND it is flesh colored so it completely covers my redness! My roommate asked me why I put makeup on before bed! I haven't worn makeup since I got it!!!!
  7. Thanks tigermike for explaining!
  8. I just wanted to give my input on my accutane experience. I took it my senior year of high school (2005-2006) because I had large and painful cysts. I had never in my life had a nose bleed before then.....I began getting them every day! I could deal with that because, like you, I was seeing amazing results and I was thrilled! I also began noticing that my back was very sore. And it has never been the same. I didnt stop the treatment because I was so desperate for clear skin which I had for so
  9. Bryan- I was just trying to give my input. Thanks though
  10. Does it go away? My face feels gooey and I dont want to wear make up over it...
  11. I tried this. I think it made me more oily because it dried too much and my oil glands overcompensated....
  12. My face had finally gotten use to the BP. I was flaky for a while but haven't had any new dryness since switching. I have used it the past 4 or 5 nights and been really pleased. It does take a while to soak in but I dont mind! If you are considering it, I say go for it!
  13. I used Proactiv for a while and realized that the only product that i liked was their BP lotion. So I got a gentle cleanser (Neutrogenas cleansing bar for sensitive skin) and after washing my face I used the BP and once it dried I put on a moisturizer (Target brand, Oil of Olay for sensitive skin). Basically I am following Dans regimen but I am using some of my own products. I have been following this for several weeks now. I just ran out of Proactivs BP and started using Dan's BP. My face loo
  14. I use Target's version of Oil of Olay moisturizer. It is for sensitive skin so it is fragrance free. It is only 5 dollars! Gotta love that!
  15. I ordered the BP lotion and the AHA. I had been using the BP lotion from Proactiv for several weeks now but I like Dan's much better because it is thicker but feels smoother once it has dried! I haven't used the AHA much yet. I used it yesterday but it made my face feel a little sticky...Is that normal?!