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  1. I find guys with acne scars adorable. There's just something about them ! I'm not so sure about girls, though, even though that's really mean . Maybe because i'm a girl and i'm nitpicky about looking good or something...
  2. what is ugly in your opinion? in mine it's a person who walks passed the hobo on the street. or the guy who laughs at the old man who just fell. when i see those people i guess i resent them. if you mean physical appearance, i don't really notice.
  3. My Mom is probably the lead cause for all of my acne scars. She is always making up "cures" and insisting they work even though she herself admits she has never had acne. When they end up leaving a ferocious scar, she (and my whole family) laughs about it and tells me they will go away. Fast-forward 6 months and they are still as horrible as they were back then. I have lost faith in my mom, and now insist to go to a doctor about my problems. Two weeks ago, I realized a huge pimple on my face wa