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  1. I think he likes you. Don't worry they hit on every girl in here...
  2. I think everyone in here agrees that you're not eating right, you have a dwell understanding of what you're supposed to eat. You're just not eating enough. Eating good foods like oats and eggs are an asset to bulding good lean muscle, which is by far a better approach to increase your calorie intake than eating more fats. I have a couple requests; what is your height and weight? do you know what's your BMI and BF percent?
  3. Party, play two chicks at once. Got it, thanks jk. I'm glad things are going your way.
  4. All vegetable juices have diffrent amounts of calories. You are not thinking right...Calories are made of carbs, fats, and protein, MOST vegetables consist of cabs. You are not getting your adequate nutrition, you are missing out of your protein, you need about 50-60g of protein for females, and 60-70g for males, depending on your size and weight.
  5. egg whites have some of the best protein. As for the yolk...thats just fat and cholesterol.
  6. Carbs is what people crave, if you didn't know your vegtable juice probably has about 500-1000 calories, that's why you don't get hungry. Veggies have a lot of carbs, which are essencially part of calories.
  7. Eat tons of protein, tuna, eggs, chicken, etc. Your body craves junk food because it know it has sugar, just control yourself and don't eat junk food. After a month or so the cravings will lighten up. Don't eat fat to get bigger, eat protein. Fat makes you looks worst of course and will hang from your body. Eat protein and water, and make sure you get all your vitamins with a nice cerial or supplements.
  8. I've seen more people with acne in college than in high school.
  9. you can check his profile it has his msn, so you could go stalk him if you wish, but I also found this: Last Active 15th January 2005 - 12:54 PM