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    okay ive been on accutane for 3 days now ill have pics iupp n a few days anyone eles starting accutane resently

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  1. just wanted to good luck on your treatment and that your very beautiful ;)

  2. thanx

    are you on auttane?

  3. hey sorry friend came over...we should chat sometime...

  4. OKAY so as far as accutane goes im abouslty in love with it but im on it it for acne and it does a wounderful job of gettin red of it ive never herd of it to be used for juss scares thou but along with gettin red of acne it does make your skin really preatty and soft lookin so it mite work for scars does your docter understand that you arent useing it for acne but to get red of the scars
  5. just wanted to let you know your very pretty

  6. im around 3 in a haffs mouths into it i havent notices this probelm but im not on the pill so if you are then that might be the probelm well good luck with everything
  7. YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT MY MOUTH!!! I’m around 3 In a haff mouths into it and its changed my life soo much for the better when I think back on how it was when I had acne I want to cry its so hard to enjoy life when you suffer with acne I now have confidence I feel free and I don’t have to make myself go out in public. Without acuttane I don’t know want I would do but I know I wouldn’t be enjoying life Its so hard for me to see all these negative things about auttane b.c I wish I c
  8. keep your head highh and try to stay poitive and i dont mean to get your hopes down but i see your on a regimen rite now and i was one it all i wishh i had found acutane befor i tryed all this other stuff its just a waste of money hope and your time im so thankful that im on auttane now but if i had done it like 3 years ago i woulda had a much happyer 3 years okay so you might think im absolutely crazyy but i was juss desperate and i actually tryed it lol and it actually HELPED i had re
  9. and it’s not like a drug where you hope it works It’s really a life changing thing please trust me lol well if you have any ?s feel free to askk

  10. First off thanx for the comment

    I had acne for years and nothing would work I had the little white pumps the red ones the huge ones

    So I know just how disturbing acne is I tried a lot of stuff to clear it nothing would work I thought I would just have to live life trying to hide my face. AUTTANE truly is a miracle drug!!!! I recommend it 110% it works for everyon

  11. my befor and afters on acuttane im only around 3 in a haff mouths into it its changed my life so much ( if your woundering about tryin acuttane please do it theres nuthing like it this really works trustt me!!!) if you have any ???ss about it feel free to askk
  12. peace18


    my accutane befor and afters
  13. i actually just took my 4th pill of accutane! im updating my profile since i used retin a micro for at least 3 years!

  14. Thanks..I got a long ways to go though haha