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  1. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the advice and I'll be sure to read up on the info. some of you have left me. I'll try and update you on what I decide to do.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for advice from any and all who read this. I'm currently a 24 year old male who has struggled with moderate acne/oily skin for 10 years. Like most, I've tried dozens of products and I'm currently using clindamicyne with retin a-micro which has given me good results. However, after all of the products I've tried, nothing has given me "clear skin" (including my current regimen). At any given time I have at least one pimple/whitehead/cyst along with a half dozen dark spots.
  3. Does anyone know if AHA can help with oily skin? I think I've read on a few sites online that it can help, but I was just wondering if anyone new if AHA was known for that or could help with it? Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, so I plan on starting the regimen soon, because my acne has never cleared and i'm searching for something that will give me my perfect skin i've been searching for. And it seems that DKR could be it. However, i do have pretty oily skin too, but that never used to happen until i started my old regimen (retin a micro w/ benzaclin). So my question is, can the DKR help with oily skin too? I googled it, and a lot of sites say that benzoyl peroxide is good for oily skin, but it doesnt necces
  5. ya, I'm using the gel now haha, but it does seem to be helping my acne out a bit, So hopefully if you switch it will do the same for you! good luck and thanks.
  6. Hey everybody, by the end of this message I'm hoping you guys will be able to give me some advice as to whether i should try the regimen or not. So I was on retin a micro and clindamycin for 1 year, took minocyclin for 2 months along with that (quit, because I didnt wanna take an antibiotic) and now am on retin a micro and Benzaclin and have been going strong for a year. Its been working pretty good! I'm fairly happy with my skin, but I always ask myself if I can do better. My skin is now oily,
  7. Oh! its probably important to add that my regimen does dry my face out. I usually cant go a day without using moisturizer.
  8. hey everybody, I had a quick question about retin a micro. Does it tend to cause oily skin? If it does, i can only assume it is cause of the irritation. I currently use retin a micro once a night and benzaclin once in the morning daily. Now i never had very oily skin until i started this regimen, and now its rather oily and i hate it. However, my acne is getting better. I usually don't get any new breakouts anymore, just waiting for my red marks to go away. So does anyone know if i should maybe
  9. Thanks for the advice! and i took it. I just got back from the derm, and they actually wanted me to try accutane. Which i thought was kinda weird cuz i don't have severe acne, but they said it was the "miracle pill". But i said no, because what i'm doing is working. But anyway, in terms of the antibiotic, they said to start taking it every other day for a little while, but i heard that doing this will increase the chances of my bacteria becoming resistant to it. Does anyone know if this is true
  10. Hey everybody. Ok, so I've been on minocycline 100mg once a day, along with benzaclin in the morning, and retin a at night for about 4 months. And my acne has almost completely cleared. I have not had any large painful pimples on my face for atleast two months. So i think it is time to come off the antibiotic. I don't want to take the risk of staying on it for too long and then becoming resistant to it. So what i'm gonna do for the next month is take my minocycline with food and milk, because i
  11. yeah, that makes alot of sense, and makes me feel better. thanks!
  12. Hi! i'm not on the regimen, but i've used a lot of dans advice in my own regimen and it seems to help a alot, but one thing i don't follow is the face washing for just a few seconds. I usually wash for about 20-30 seconds. I know that washing for a shorter time will avoid irritation, but does washing your face for such a short amount of time really do the job? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks guys. I take a multivitamin every day and it has zinc, so i think that could be helping, but as far as the bp goes. I think that may be too irritating with clindamycin AND retin a, but i could be wrong
  14. anything? just any advice would be helpful, i would just like to see what other people would do. If you were trying something for about 9 months, and you were still breaking out atleast a few times a week, would you stick with it? Thanks!