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  1. The best I've tried so far...

    greatly reduced chin breakouts skin feels overall smoother did not dry out my skin expensive can sting when first applied I am 50 years old, and have had acne since I was 12, off and on. It was bad in my early teens, cleared in my early 20's, only to resurface again as that dreaded "adult acne" in my 30's. I have mostly been limited to chin acne, but this in an of itself has been upsetting to live with, and has caused scarring over the years. Like most on here, I've tried it all. Except accutan
  2. I hate the anxiety, too....and mine really has been almost debilitating at times, with regards to acne. It's hard to explain it to folks who get the run-of-the-mill pimple. But for those who don't get the painful cysts, it's hard for them to understand how emotionally upsetting it is. How overwhelmingly upsetting it can be....especially at my age, when society tells us we should be worried about lines and wrinkles, and I'm still fighting acne and oily skin!!! With that said, I also understand
  3. Hey Treat Glad my post helped!! The book actually reads more like a "textbook" to me, so you may really like it! I found myself skipping over some of the more research based stuff, because it was so.....well, dry ,I guess. But, it is full of stats, etc, and has a whole index in the back, with lists of all the research studies they quote in the book. So, yeah....give it a try. It really drives home the point that our modern diet is full of foods known to be inflammatory in the body, yet dermat
  4. shadylee, I totally relate!! I just spent 10 minutes crying upstairs about this cyst coming up on my chin. My poor husband, he just kind of looks at me like " what can I do??" He just keeps saying " Don't give it so much power over you!! Don't let it control your life! It's a bump, it will go away...just relax" I, too, have put him through so much over the years because of my skin. He, having had clear skin his whole life, just doesn't get it.....But he does have sympathy for the fact that it
  5. Hi ladies Welcome shadylee, and congratulation on your upcoming nuptials! Very exciting!! Though, believe me, I understand the stress over cysts. I got married in 2000, at the age of 38, and I remember being so upset because my skin had been flaring up badly. I took minocycline a month prior and it sort of cleared it up, enough for me to wear makeup and just enjoy the day. I'm hoping that you can put the spots aside, in your head, and enjoy your special day. And remember, nowadays, with photos
  6. @ TreatAcne I think you should definitely read the book " The Clear Skin Diet".....it's a fascinating book, goes into great detail about all the research that has been done over the last century (!) about the connection between food and diet, and questions why it is that dermatologists continue to deny dietary issues as a cause of acne. In fact, there is TONS of research out there about the links between diet and acne !! I was amazed to see how many studies had been done over the years when I
  7. Yes, it definitely does put things into perspective, this is true ! She's all better now, back to school and kickin' butt, like she always does CVD, I have a few questions for you with regards to your routine....what is the weleda toothpaste for? Do you use it to spot treat, or is it what you use to brush your teeth? I"d read somewhere once that flouride toothpaste can cause breakouts around the mouth, tho my dentist said once that those kinds of breakouts are more like little red bumps,
  8. hey cvd oh my goodness! I have to admit, when I read over the list of all the things you couldn't eat, I was like " OMG, I would starve!!! " But, you did remind me of something, and that is glutamine!! I have taken it before for my IBS, with GREAT results. I think I need to take it daily, as clearly it relieves inflammation in the gut......and for someone with IBS, that's important. @ Liz- my daugher is much better, thanks! She was quite sick with a kidney infection and had to be hospitalize
  9. Wingedserpent I will definitely consider the juicer, I appreciate the feedback. Yes, over the years I've spent so very very much money on products, it's probably a good idea to consider investing in something that may REALLY make a difference. I will definitely take that into consideration....In the meantime, I will look for a natural vegetable juice product, keep on with the "clean diet" and see what happens. Again, it can't possibly hurt anything, and will very likely be the difference for me
  10. Hi cvd I will be interested to see what you think of " The Clear Skin Diet". I thought it was overall a good book, definitely goes into GREAT detail about inflammation, about oil production....honestly, probably a little TOO much for me, but it was helpful to really drive home the point that what we EAT is likely the culprit, and all the data over the decades about the link between food and acne, and how it all got overlooked by "mainstream" dermatology. Really frustrating to think how much mo
  11. Wingedserpent- I have read this entire thread and I want to thank you for your original post!! I started another thread a few weeks back about being 48 and still dealing with cystic acne, so for those of you who say " yeah, you just grew out of it, that's why you cleared up...it wasn't the dietary changes...." I say, NO, this is simply not the case!! Unfortunately, for many of us, you don't grow out of it. This is a myth for so many people, so don't fall into that mindset. In fact, I d
  12. Sorry I've been off-line for about a week- youngest daughter was really sick with a kidney infection and was in the hospital she is better now, thank goodness! Anyway.....I want to thank everybody again for all the great tips ! @ Liz90201, I really appreciate your post. I am in total agreement with you about this being an internal issue. After I posted a few weeks back, I ordered the book " The Clear Skin Diet" and it has really changed how I look at this acne issue. Clearly, this is a ho
  13. I am definitely going to take the dietary approach seriously. In fact, i just received my copy of " The Clear Skin Diet" and I have begun to read it. The information on inflammation has been enlightening. I also suffer on and off from IBS, and I'm convinced it's due to diet. Clearly, there is inflammatory issues in my body... It's a fascinating book to read, talks about all the research done on acne and diet, about the increasing numbers of acne cases in adults in western cultures....Yet, derma
  14. cvd - Thank you SO much for your post!!! It really does help to know I'm not alone in this ongoing battle with my skin....I just figured I'd be over this by now!!! Each year, I keep thinking, " surely, i won't keep getting these huge cysts!!" and each year, they keep coming...UG!!! I did consider accutane a few years back, but after talking to my dermatologist about the side effects, I decided against it. It just seems to be too big of a "gun" for my issue. I mean, she was willing to pre
  15. Thanks so much for the replies I was in a bad space yesterday, if you couldn't tell... All the advice was helpful and encouraging. @ Kidego- I have not had food allergy testing, but that may be a good idea. I will admit that my diet is not that great. I've never had a weight problem and have always been very active, so have always just eaten what I wanted....which has usually not always been that great with regards to the quality of food eaten- I am a "grab and go" kind of gal...I do have mi
  16. How depressing is it to be 48 and still have acne??? VERY depressing.... I have had acne since I was 13 years old....it's waxed and waned over the years, but has come back with a vengeance since I entered into perimenopause about a year ago...the skin got oilier again, and the cysts returned...and, lucky me, I also got some rosacea on my cheeks.... This holiday was particularly bad...I currently have two truly HUGE cysts on my face- both on the right side, one next to my nose, the other on