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  1. i had a great experience with accutane, my side affects were very mild, just dry lips and sensitive skin, i also have a few friends who have nothing but good things to say about it.
  2. i also have the same problem, but only after i shower and my skin is quite dry.. but as my skin begins to produce oil it doesnt go red. and it also gets worse in the summer months, i think this is because of the weather. your skin may be dehydrated?
  3. Theres a product on the market called "Acne no more" and its a gel and an all natural tablet, it works well for mild acne, but u have to remain persistent. you could buy it from a natural health food store or chemist in Australia, im not sure if its international.
  4. I use cetaphil religiously, i dont use a moisturiser because the cleanser doesn't dry out my skin and i generally have oily skin, but my skin has improved significantly since using cetaphil.