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    Didn't make my skin any worst. GREASY GREASY SKIN.. Skin Wasn't ever consistently clear. Didn't help with hormonal acne. it didnt work well enough for me to handle the oily skin. It was just as annoying as keeping up with acne itself
  1. Really sorry to hear that. .. Things aren’t looking too bad for me. I seem to be doing ok. I still have acne in places that I never had before Ziana. My face is also very oily, which is ANNOYING. I'm still staying positive. I’m going to get clear. I'm convincing myself.
  2. I'm still breaking out, but nothing major. Im starting to use the Ziana every night. I just need to get this over and done with... Any updates?
  3. Good luck. I guess my only advice to you is to be patient. I seem to be slowly clearing from my last break out. Still forming new cysts in my chin, but trying to stay positive.
  4. I’m happy for you. I quit and I really don’t know why. I was also seeing an improvement, but it gets so expensive. It basically says when you stop taking it your hormones go back to normal, so does that mean you have to take it for the rest of your life? After reading you’re post I’m thinking maybe I should start again. I’m back on doxy Natural is definitely the way to go
  5. I have a few of these symptoms. The one that stands out to me the most is definitely hiccups. Niacin cleared me for a couple months, but im back to square one. I’m going to purchase these pills and will keep everyone updated. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try.
  6. I started every other night and since than my face has been so bad. I woke up this morning with two cysts, one in my chin which usually happens and one in my cheek, which never happened before. My face doesn't even heal as well as it used to. I can still see red marks from the breakouts I had a couple of weeks ago. I’m Feeling very discouraged and disappointed.
  7. I don’t find that funny. It's obviously still bothering him. It's not like he doesn’t have acne and he's complaining about 1 pimple. Just because people have more severe cases doesn't mean he doesn’t have the right to be bothered by the condition his face is in. Are you trying to say someone who is 300lbs shouldn’t complain about their weight because there are people who are out there who are 400lbs? He never claimed to have severe acne and telling him that he has phenomenal skin is blowing
  8. well guys still tell me im hot, which is hard to believe since im so focused on my skin, but i really can't even remember myself before acne. I was only like 12 and im 22 now, so who knows. Def feel hotter and more confident on clearer days
  9. If you really cant drink or be in the sun when on accutane I think you should wait. Why have to hold yourself back? If you waited this long I think you can wait a little longer. From the looks of your pics it looks like you can put on a little cover up and be good. You never know how the accutane will make your face or body react and you don't want to be miserable on your vaca. You're bf loves you and is telling you how he feels for a reason.
  10. Hello Ladies, I thought I'd join you on your ziana and doxy journey. I started Ziana October 29th, but started every 3rd day. For The last two weeks I’ve been using it every other day. I heard that if you start off slowly it can help with the IB. I also started 100mg of Doxy Dec.21st. I have to say my face hasn’t gotten any better or worst. I’m still breaking out. I was really worried about the IB, but I haven’t really noticed anything yet. I’m going to just stick with it and ev
  11. That's so funny and sad at the same time. I feel the same way.
  12. I go to the dermatologist with make up. She ends up taking it off when she performs acne surgery anyway. I end up leaving with a red inflamed face, but I don’t have to sit in the waiting room feeling like everyone’s staring at me. I see so many people (guys in particular) who are also for there for their acne and I can just tell how insecure they are. I feel almost grateful that I can wear make up to try and cover up my imperfections. So many people leave trying to hide their faces, but
  13. I just wanted to say thank you for the update. Very much appreciated.
  14. You're def not alone. As of now I won't be cancelling my plans but ill need a few drinks to get me up and going. If i wake up tomorrow and my face is worst i may stay home. I've been clear for about a week and ofccouursseee the day before new years id have a break out. Whatever. HEWITT .. AND WHATS THE SOLUTION?