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  1. Not sure what day it is, 6 or 7 because I've been busy, but I've had further break outs and I'm not happy at all. I realise I work in a kitchen, and I always seem to come out with a new spot, but this is really making me angry now. I've got a new job so I'm quitting at the pub for sure as I know the long hours and hot conditions aren't helping my situation, it's not worth me being so miserable and moody. I don't quite remember if I had initial break outs at first with panoxyl BP but I'm pre
  2. Day 5 Not massive amount of difference today, still have a few break outs, I'm actually a bit concerned that there's no redness or tingling caused by dans BP, as even when I used the panoxyl 2.5 I still had redness....anyway, not much to report today my skin kinda sucks still but it's not even been a week yet so can't expect my face to look like a different face just yet!
  3. I suppose it is a personal log, but it's also about the regimen so...? And thanks.
  4. Day 4 So I've got a couple of break outs probably due to my antics over the past 48 hours, but hopefully these will be gone soon now that I'm back to being quite good and not going out or whatever. I hope so anyway, last thing I need is another product that gets my hopes up! Ill write back tomorrow on progress xx
  5. Hi guys! So, today is day 3 because I didn't have a chance to post yesterday....BECAUSE I WENT OUT! My skin has pretty much already cleared up! I can't even get over this. I have one active spot right now as opposed to about 5, the redness is gone, the massive irritation has gone, of course I have dryness but nothing like it was and the jojoba oil in my moisturiser is helping so so much! My favourite part is, I came home at like 7am after a long day of drinking (haven't drank in 3 we
  6. Day 1 of regimen Ok so I've just started the regimen again with dans BP that I received earlier on today My skin is completely awful but I got clear so to me its kinda bad and needs sorting out. I've just applied the BP, and first impressions are very good. The texture is quite thin and very smooth and makes for very easy application compared to my panoxyl BP. There is zero grainy-ness and it sinks right into the skin straight away. Ive got a few active spots right now, so hopefully my s
  7. I only use a couple of drops in my moisturiser and it works wonders, takes down the redness left by my 10% and definitely helps with dryness/tightness/flaking
  8. I've just got dans bp and totally agree with the texture thing, I was surprised at how smooth it is! Almost watery but not, and so much thinner than my current 10% gel that feels almost like it has tiny bits in it that would sit on top of my skin. I can't wait to try this stuff out tonight, I hope it works as the bottle is huuuuuuuuge compared to my little tube, so yeah, discontinuation of 2.5 in uk problem could be forever solved!
  9. Ok soooooo the 2.5% gel just got here! Very happy with the timing and bottle size and everything and I'm going to use it first thing tonight as I don't want to ruin my 10-12 hour wash gap. One thing that did surprise me is the consistency and texture of the gel, it's very, not so much watery but my 10% gel is quite sticky and almost feels as if it has bits in it whereas this gel is very smooth and no bits at all. Does anyone get this? Either way ill be using it tonight to do a test run, but if
  10. Found some pretty upsetting photos of my skin back in 2009 at the start of the regimen, just goes to show how much it helped me and why I need to get back on it asap! Fortunately Ive just found out my delivery will be here monday so fingers crossed it is!
  11. Totally, totally agree with this post. Everyone starting the regimen needs to read through this because the cold hard truth of the matter is that getting clear is never easy and you will certainly have ups and downs, your skin will have random breakouts that can be extremely upsetting and disheartening, BUT you do eventually get clear if you follow the steps. I was clear in a matter of months, which was well worth the wait as I could have just carried on messing around with other products and ju
  12. This thread is so old but if anyone else is reading this more recently then I have a bit of info on dianette as Ive been taking it for 3 years now Basically, its no cure for acne in my experience, I did see a change in the acne on my chest and back and no longer have that anymore, but as for my face there really was no change. I used 2.5% BP and the regimen and that is the only thing that got my face clear, and I mean like, completely clear so I cant recommend it enough. My issue is that
  13. I was pretty bored earlier so I decided to make a little video on my skin, what happened when I began the regiment and what's happened since not using the 2.5% gel and moving on to other things. Ready to view for all those that are also bored
  14. Hey guys, So I posted the other day to say that I'm back here at acne.org, I got clear from 2.5% BP using the regimen in around 50-ish days in 2009 when my skin was prettyyyyy bad, got it under control and everything was cool. Disaster struck when the 2.5% panoxyl gel was discontinued in the UK and all I could get hold of was the 10%, which worked for a while but was nowhere near as good and suddenly really didnt work. Ive been given Duac gel which really sucks, does nothing but dry your sk
  15. Hey, I could probably give you some info on this subject as I've recently returned to acne.org Basically I got clear on 2.5%bp and it was amazing, but then 2.5% got discontinued in the uk and I had to use 10% which is just awful, my acne was under control for a little while, but now it's back with the same severity. I eat totally clean and it's had no effect whatsoever, I've been given antibiotic gel and it does nothing! I've just ordered dans BP which I'm really hoping gets delivered soon as