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  1. well i've been using bobbi brown long-wear gel eyeliner. it's amazinggg!!! before I was on accutane, my skin was sooo oily that normal eyeliner would just smudge right off within 5 hours. But then i started using the bobbi brown eyeliner and it stayed on the whole day until i'd wash it off. it's a bit pricy but it lasts about 6 months to a year and it's top quality! i definitely recommend it!!!
  2. hey marypoppins! i'm on 10 mg a day too...wow i thought i was the only one on such a low dose. Also, I weigh around the same as you do and have almost the same kind of acne as you. I'm on like day 18 now, like a week behind you sooo keep updating please! I'd really like to know how you're doing on this dose. Just one question though, are you on a 6 month course or do you not know the length of time you'll be on accutane for?? best of luck!
  3. Day 18 I am not entirely sure what to make of my skin...I keep getting random little fragments of hell called whiteheads on my facee...so idk if my skin's getting better or worse I never really got like an initial break out but as I mentioned earlier the white heads just keep coming. Does this mean my skin is like purging all the crap from the pores?? My skin IS definitely drier, which is a good thing Good luck to all of youXXX
  4. hey guys i had another post originally butttt i felt like make a new one cuz i'm on a new dose now. Ok so again, I'm 16 and I started accutane around 2 weeks ago. I'm only on 10mg a day now, and I used to be on 20mg a day. It's kind of freaking me out cuz I'm scared that this is too low of a dose and I'm going on vacation for like 6 weeks, so I won't be seeing my derm for that long! I'm scared my acne will come back (cuz it's cleared up by like 50%) but hey I'm not the one with the 100,000 dol
  5. hey mark! i'm actually on 10mg per day which is the same as you basically. I used to be on 20mg a day but after my acne started to clear up after just 2 weeks my dermatologist halved my dose. Hopefully it'll work or i'll just have to up my dose again. I'm actually on day 17 and I'm also going on a six week vacation next week. Did you just buy the accutane online or are you actually seeing a dermatologist? And to answer one of your questions, you should only wash your face twice a day, no mo
  6. is it bad to exercise with non-comedogenic makeup on?? will it clog my pores and cause me to break out more even if i take a shower RIGHT after??
  7. honeycombs: awww that really blows but I bet since it's hormonal you could probably get some other medicine for your acne such as spiro or perhaps birth control?? Are you actually on anything atm?? Hopefully you'll be clear soon steveriz: haha we're like messaging each other on two different boards but nooo that's devastating news! i love milk!!! does it make you break out? jamuser: heyy i take my accutane pill with a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich too haha I read on your message bo
  8. i only started like 13 days ago so i still have a looooooooong way to go but at least I know my acne will be gone yay! When'd you start?? and what dose are you on?? I'm on 20mg a day
  9. yeahhh, seriously worst year to have acne since i'm so like self-conscious about my appearance and all. i can't even look people in the eye anymore
  10. unfortunately i live in freakin korea so i can't get cetaphil or aquaphor in any of the local stores but i might be able to get them from the american military base...i'll have to ask a friend. do you know if milk is bad to drink while on accutane? thanksxx
  11. definitely but yay for being sixteen! are you sophomore too?
  12. heyy nice title thanks for the advicee and good luck to you too In 5 months we'll both be completely clear so stay positive best of luck!
  13. you're sooo lucky! Hopefully I'm as lucky as you. I've only been seeing improvements on my skin but I'm still bracing myself for when my face does blow up. But yeah you're right, it probably won't be as bad as I think, I tend to be a real drama queen
  14. MissAngie: Thanks for the support and best of luck to you too seesay: thanks and I like your avatar too haha but wow! 230 pounds that's a lot! Since I have health insurance mine is abuot the equivalent of 7 pounds a month but that's just because I'm only on 20 mg, once they up my dose it'll probablly be double that, but still it's not that bad. I hope it's free for you Best of luck!! USFfiesta: ohh ok that's good. I must admit, I was actually kind of doubtful at first about this accutan