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  1. One week ACV and 2% Salic Acid (body wash)in the morning>
  2. I was just wondering if your acne as effected yout relationships all at? I would never take my shirt off with my ex-wife and needless to say she wanted it off when we had sex. THe aniety this caused me was horrible and it became easier just not to have sex with my wife. Which in turn created just alittle friction!!!
  3. The word about lofooh's is they sit in the bathroom after the first use AND BECAUSE THEY ARE WET bacteria begin to grow on them. Then you take tham and scrub your skin, which in turn makes micro scratches and the bacteria get into your skin. We even went over this in my infectous disease class. Well that is what I know about the subject Good luck!!!
  4. I'm going to try the Vineger for a month and see what happens. I never even thought about alergies causing acne. Only problem with that is I don't have health insurance, thus is the reason I have to stick to over the counter stuff. It is somthing that may be happening, because I am alergic to so many things. Anyhow thanks for the advice and I will try the HS in a month if the Vineger does not work. p.s I also started taking lose dose asprin to help with the inflammation and the smell of vi
  5. I bought the ACV today and I'm going to put it on tonight before I go to bed, but I do plan on washing it off in the morning because I do work-out and I don't want to stink. I also started to shower my back twice a day in hoping to wash the dead skin cells off.
  6. My acne seems to get getting worse the older I get. I'm 32 years old now and I still get to many pimples on my back to count. It would nice to be able to go swimming again, since it has been about 10 years minimum since I last did it. I'm going to try the vineger for the first time today. I'm glad I found this board, but it sucks at the same time that so many people are going through this problem. I will take a before picture and keep you all updated weekly.