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  1. Hi all, Just a little backround info on me, I started accutane around June 2009 and finished in November 2009, and although I'm not sure about my dosage, I know I was on 80mg/day in the end. Anyway, after accutane (which was initially used for just my persistent acne) I developed other skin problems including bad seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp and face, rosacea, and facial flushing. Not to mention my skin always feels extremely dry and my seborrheic dermatitis is absolutely worse in
  2. i finished accutane about 10 months ago and i have experienced flushing that has gotten worse with time. my skin probably looks as bad as it did when i had acne with this new rosacea/ flushing. i feel like i have literallu tried everything and have gone to 3 different dermatologists. i have been taking oracea for about 4 months which hasnt done anything and i apply a mixture of ketocanazole and mometasone fuorate to my bad spots (prescribed by one dermatologist. i have tried changing lotions
  3. a new start-- i finished accutane about 6 months ago and have the same bumps on my arm and bad flushing...there mus be a correlation if a bunch of people have said they had the same symptoms. my doctor said to exfoliate with a lupa iin the shower and put lots of lotion on my arms. im going to go harder at that problem now that i know that other people have the same thing. i know my accutane brought this stuff on. and i think my flushing is due to dryness because it only really happens on t
  4. Wow dude your skin looks real good. I bet you 10 out of 10 people would think that you never even had an acne problem. Im about 3 months into a 5 month course (month 1-40 mg moth 2-60mg month 3,4,5-80mg. Right now i'm having a terrible time with the dryness and redness from irritation. I am still breaking out a little. I was just wondering when you stopped getting spots at all because I will be happy when my skin looks like that if it ever will. Help a dude out
  5. around the one month mark for me i got the worst cyst i ever got...i dont have cystic acne so i was very surprised to have one. I didnt ice it but rather put a little benzoyl peroxide on it every night before bed and it went down eventually to a tiny mark. It definitely won't hurt to ice it every night i just wouldnt do it before you leave the house because it might make it red because of the compress and contact from the bag on your face.
  6. Happy you are clearing and feeling better bout urself...i am almost about to start my 4th month and still get some pimples...when did u notice the most drastic clearing
  7. I'm almost done with my 3rd month and i'm still breaking out. My acne wasn't terrible to begin with so i thought i'd definitely be done by now but i just can't seem to clear up. Plus, my face is so red from the dryness that it looks 110 times worse. I feel like i am not going to be someone who benefits from this drug and its killing me because I put myself through hell for absolutely nothing. All i want is clear skin because acne is ruining my life and this is my last resort
  8. I have been on accutane since July 2nd, which means I'm 2months in. My acne wasn't terrible but it was enough to make me self-conscious enough for me to do anything to get rid of it. I post on here occasionally and feel bad that I never actually kept an accutane log since day 1. My skin has definitely seen major improvements and with about 2 more months to go (according to my derm) I would say that I am pretty close to being clear. That doesn't mean I look good tho haha my face looks like I
  9. First i want toi start by saying last week my skin looked great...however, it was because it was alot less dry than it is right now. I dont know what happened but my face got really dry overnight and inevitably got really red. I just cant look like this anymore. I called my mom and she said it probably just looks like you got a sunburn...i wish this was the case. The redness just helps to bring out my red marks and make my skin look ridiculously uneven. I am about 2 months into tane with ab
  10. yeah i agree...for what...im down on myself too but when my acne clears im the happiest dude in the world (which is not right now because im breaking out). I'm gonna start praying now too JOhn thats a good look...used to be religious but kinda fell off and i just really need something to help me get through this day to day battle that has to go on for about three more months...ouch...but anyway keep moving forward kid
  11. I am almost two months in to my accutane treatment and i absolutely look terrible in fact i look worse than i ever have before...i cant see the brightside of all this. I was getting better at about the one month mark right when my dosage was upped but then like 2 or 3 weeks after that ive just been getting worse and worse...i started off with more than mild acne but now its just terrible and any pimples i get stay there forever because of the red marks...i need someone to tell me its gonna get
  12. good looks on the date homie...if u dnt mind me asking how much do u weigh and how what was ur month to month dose of accutane
  13. keep it up man im with u im about on my 6th week and still breaking out same if not a little worse but i know we gonna get there alot of people i talked to say after the second month u usually have had enough accutane in ur system to start working alot quicker...
  14. yeah thats normal happens to me every time i get out of the shower...i have neutrogena non comedonic light night cream for night and neutrogena intensive day moisture for the day...i put it on rigfht over my dead skin areas which are the middle of my forehead and between my cheek and nose on both sides and it goes on thick...may look greasy at first but as the day goes on it absorbs in and looks like natural skin...both noncomedonic so they are thick but dont clog pores
  15. im in the same boat...my skin was good for the last week then all of a sudden i broke out again...im on my 2nd month (6th week) of 60mg/day and weigh 170 lbs...i was so pumped when it was getting better now all of a sudden 3 days of new pimples and i feel like crap again...i dont know what caused it but i hate looking back and thinking about all the things i couldve done to prevent it...now i will have the red marks from all these pimples for what feels like forever and even if i start clearing