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  1. i read all about the regimen and it said it should help with scarring and make them fade within 8 weeks or longer overtime. WRONGGG
  2. Okay so I have been on the regimen for 4 months now. I have seen significant improvement in my acne. All of it is gone. However, for months I have been researching online how to get rid of old and new acne scars. I have tried EVERYTHING! I was almost positive that the regimen would clear up my scars within 9 weeks...or that i would see a difference. But there is no difference. This makes me want to stop the regimen. I feel like im doing it for no reason. =[[ I need an accurate way to get rid of
  3. okay so i just bough fish oil pills and i take one in the morning and one at night hopefully this will help my scarring! its the end of the 4th week and no acne whatsoever!! woot!
  4. ive been on the regimen for three weeks....my scars are so dark now its disgusting..i refuse to go out of the house without makeup, my debit card is overdrawn so i cant buy AHA!or jojoba oil! ohh...and on top of that my brother uses my bp as well...so im out of that too!! this is really bad...i need to get more bp before the little bit thats left of my spare bottle runs out!
  5. ohhh okay sweet! im gonna order that right now haha and is AHA good for scarring? if i use it as a moisturizer like Dan shows...should i use it after i do the whole regimen? andddd can i start using it right now as i am 1 1/2 weeks in the regimen? or should i wait? i just want to know the fastes thing you can use with bp to make scars go away...cuz my face looks really clear with makeup...but even with makeup when the sun reflects my face u see all the small indents of scars...they are not ice
  6. thats a good thing too...when should i start using jojoba for my face? does it help with scarring? i think its been a week and a half with the regimen should i wait to order it till the 5th week?? cuz my scars are nastayyyy
  7. i had the same problem as you...with the clumped up makeup and all...dryness its nasty....but i found that my skin was a lot less dry when i only did the regimen at night its still just as successful if you have very sensative skin my face is perfectly clear...with a few fading scars try it for a while and see how it works! after your face adjusts to it you can up the dose
  8. wait longer than 20 minutes after you put bp on....then use your moisturizer...but not a lot the same exact thing happened to me so i stopped using the moisturizer for a while because i looked like a sun dried tomato! so if you lose less of the cetaphil ...and wait long after u put bp on..u should be okay but remember it takes about a week for your face to adjust to a mild change...so ease your way up to a higher dose of cetaphil oh and you might not want to put the moisturizer all over you
  9. wow yeah 10 % burned my face when i put it all over..it works extremely well and the fastest ever with spotting treatments tho c'est la vigne: thank you for your help! i think im gonna use the regimen the rest of my life I DONT care how long it takes it is sooo worth it!! haha
  10. this is my first week on the regimen and i gotta say it works great! dry skin for the most part but every single zit on my face is gone! just a few mild scars left which i hope will fade within 5 weeks!!
  11. i totally agree now that ive tried it...ill stick to the 2.5 haha
  12. haha i read that post right before u posted it lol my bad and yeah idk how long this is gonna take but it seems to work so i gonna stick with it! and the only product i added was makeup cuz i refuse to go anywhere without concealer because i look nasty without it i dont care what others think IIIII just dont wanna look at myself like that and also it temps me to "pop" them
  13. okay this is my second day on the regimen and my skin feels good but looks nasty...my scars seemed to have gotten darker and i have a few more breakouts but my existing acne has cleared up..or well turned into somewhat of a large scar can u use bio oil with the regimen? or should i wait to use it...will it make me break out more??
  14. okay i bought 2.5 % last night and used it before i went to bed...and i woke up and had two new pimples on the right side of my nose but my scars faded a lot and my old zits got dried up a little so thats a good sign right? am i supposed to get an IB?? if so for how long??
  15. does the regemin mean put it all over ur face? i thought it was just put it on the zits u have i dont really have acne anymore a few pimples but mainly scars what is the FASTEST way top get rid of them? i hear bio oil, tomato or lemon juice, vinegar, and tea tree oil work the best ive tried vinegar..doesnt help at all and i did it for months but bio oil and tea tree oil are expensive where i live =/ oh i also tried neosporin and mederma over a period of three months and my face still look