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  1. Yes, I use all of Dan's products, everything like he says. and yes, I do use the jojoba thing, but my questions was more like, is it normal that I still actually have to do it, even after 5 months,.. cuz its getting kinda annoying!
  2. ok, I really try not to complain too much, but i've been on the regimen over 5 months, yes the results are good but I am still flaky! am i the only one? I mean will it ever actually really stop? Please dont tell me to use less BP, I only use the 2 pumps and my skin isnt fully clear after 5 months thank you
  3. OK, I am just wondering, do they sell AHA+ that is more mild than Dans? like maybe less than 10%? I have been using AHA+ for 4 months and whenever I put it all over my face it burns for many hours and leaves my face red for like 2 days. I use it because it works great, but I wish I had one less irritating thank you!
  4. well, me it not for a year, but it was getting really clear and working great for like 5 months, and now I just started breaking out more and more, getting 1 bigger pimple after another... its not as bad as it was before the regimen, but still I dont understand why this is happenning because I didnt change anything! its frustrating!
  5. Thank you very much! I will strongly consider trying the Cetaphil moisturizer !
  6. Ok, am I the only one to who this happens? I have been on the regimen 5 months. Results are great, definitely, and I am very happy. BUT my face CANNOT contact water during the day, because as soon as it does, it turns white like as if one of the products comes back to the surface. so i cant go in rain, i cant even spill some water while i'm drinking from a bottle, because my face will turn white where the water touched it. Same for in the morning. In dan`s video, when you see him splashing wat
  7. I have something to say involving the time. I am very grateful for the regimen is really working, but it is INCREDIBLE how long the moisturizer takes to soak in! for school, I have to wake up at 6h30, and my bus passes at 8h50!! my moisturizer is applied at about 7h40 and it stays white on my face for ATLEAST 1 hour!! I mean, seriously! my face is only publically ok at 8h45. why does it take so long to soak in?
  8. no worries ken. I had the EXACt same thing at 1 month. I am now in my 5th week, and i dont have that problem anymore, thanks to cool as kim deal. you should really ,really look at cool as Kim Deal's signature and see the post she made about flakiness and how to treat it. it saved my life
  9. wow, forget my previous post, I just tried it and I want to THANK YOU so much! seriously, you are a life-saver, you have no idea how much better I feel now! it works great!
  10. won't rubbing the acne that much kind of irritate it?
  11. I sincerely thank you! you've been a great help!
  12. thank you so much! Yes I did try AHA+ but it burns like fire. Ill wait a little longer but how do you apply the jojoba oil alone? just with your fingers? oh, and since you put it before BP, do you still put some in your moisturizer after or..?
  13. Ok, I have the flakiest skin in the world because of the regimen. Even if I put plenty of dan's moisturizer with Jojoba oil, it still flakes if I smile and/or eat. my question is, would it lessen the effect of the BP if I added jojoba oil after the cleanser-before the BP? I am just trying anything to feel more normal. thank youu
  14. ugh! i have the SAME problem! at the beginnig, I had a couple flakes, and i figured it was normal but now, ive been on it about 3 weeks, and its INCREDIBLY flaky! Like, I wake up in the morning my whole face is full of dry flakes I use the Dan's moisturizer with jojoba oil, and it only kind of helps, if I don't smile. As soon as I smile or eat, I get flaky. I have to add some all day long. its really depressing
  15. Babi


    but would it be harmful to apply it on after BP everyday?