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    hmmmm, music 4 sure, alcs, driving, halo, cooking, helping others, pay day lol, eating my favorite food - chocolate wich dosnt happen dat much ne maw :(

  2. cos it is me lol :P, how u been kath?

  3. LOL I was tryna be a pain in the ass makin lots of threads - boredom does weird things hahaha, and nope no new boys :(

  4. lol, i was thinking this guy looks like sam.

  5. lmfao Sam you changed your name and I was like who the hell is this dude leaving me a comment. Your page looks funny, all I see is "car, sound, letter, number" Haha you made a lot of threads. Anyway I been good man, busy with work and all that grown people junk. Any new boys in your life?

  6. Pale, you look tan ass compared to me atm, but summers on the way tanning time :D. Im good as oi yeah havnt seen u in chat for a while, how about you?

  7. Haha really? I thought I look like a pale snow bunny, but I wanted a different avatar so I put it up anyway. How you been I haven't talked to you for awhile =/

  8. aww ty, your looking really good in ur pic btw :D

  9. Sammy you are a sweetie <3

  10. its that beat that make you move mama, so dont listen to em and savethedrama

  11. I enjoy your threads. Please make more.

  12. oh you are so ex-communicated.

  13. shuddup, i was trying to be an annoying baconface and was gona make like 20 threads about stupid shit

  14. omg you make too many threads.. lol... :ermm: