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  1. Actually you pretty much answered my core question perfectly. I was just wondering if it is even possible that the antibiotics could have worked this quickly.
  2. I'm in sort of a weird situation right now. I was prescribed a 10 day cycle of doxycycline due to an infection in my face that caused my lip to swell up one morning. My skin was very very bad at the time of the prescription 6 days ago. I was using Dan's regime at the time, and was just finishing up my second week. My skin was very red and inflamed, and it was pretty obvious something was wrong. Now just 6 days in I'm left with a few zits that are coming to the surface and clearing out, but
  3. I believe shortness of breath is one of the side effects you're supposed to watch out for. I'd stop usage and consult your doctor before continuing.
  4. Okay so I was able to go to a walk in clinic today. The doctor took a look at my skin and my lip and after ruling out any cold-sore or herpes type infection causing my lip to swell she decided that I likely have an infection under the skin which has caused my lip to swell up. She also really didn't like the look of the acne on my face, and she thinks that the whole area is likely really irritated and my lip is just a side effect. Long story short she put me on a 10 day cycle of 100mg Doxycy
  5. Yea, I had similar thoughts that this likely isn't due to the BP, but I figured I should check to see if anyone else has had a similar reaction. The rest of my face is pretty much fine, doesn't get red or swollen, and I do apply BP to almost my entire face during the night half of my routine. I do my best to avoid getting any BP on my lips, but a lot of my trouble spots from this past breakout run right up onto my lip line, so I'm sure there is some run over. I'm going to just head over t
  6. So just for a little background, I'm 22 years old, and I've been dealing with skin issues since I was about 16. I was at my clearest when I went to my freshman year of college, I would only get the occasional spot on my face and rarely would I have more than one big zit at a time. Things went back down hill about a year and a half ago, so I got on Proactiv, which worked mildly well for me for awhile, until earlier this year I decided to go on the Murad system. This also didn't work very wel