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  1. I knew this other person who lived at P. Sherman 42 wallaby way.

    1. Yes it's natural to feel like that. It may be an illusion to you, but to other people who have no idea that you're treating your skin, it's not an illusion.
    2. Regular peanut butter only contains a very small amount of hydrogenated oil, while natural peanut butter supposedly doesn't contain any at all.
    3. hai how are you?

      1. lol, it didn't agree with me either. I think it actually made my skin worse. I noticed you're using mino, how's that going? That's one of the only things that's been working well for me.

        1. Why'd you stop using Retin-A?

          1. My doctor just suggested I try it, I didn't even have to ask.
          2. pretty good, thanks

            1. Would natural peanut butter make a difference?
            2. hiiii =] how you been?

              1. I'm pretty sure they make fluorescent lights that have a yellow/reddish tint to them. After I read your post I went and checked out some of the lights in my house (which I thought were incandescent) and they turned out to be compact fluorescent bulbs. They give off the same type of light that incandescent bulbs do, so I don't think you have anything to be worried about.
              2. The same thing has happened to me. Do you use AHA too? I've heard that can increase redness in some cases. The only things I've heard that can help the redness are jojoba oil or proactiv's refining mask.
              3. What products are you using? This is pretty much how everyone with acne feels, myself included.
              4. heyy hope you had a good new years. =)

                1. Two weeks isn't really that much time. It's good that you're switching over this early, and you probably won't break out. The prescribed BP and the acne.org BP are generally the same, except for the differences in concentration.
                2. In my case it causes more redness than paleness.
                3. Cetaphil with a few drops of jojoba oil seems to work the best, and I don't think I've tried a cleanser that is less drying than Dan's.
                4. It's best if you leave it on as an overnight moisturizer for a few nights per week. Don't wash it off until the next morning when you use the cleanser.
                5. Permanently removing the chat is overkill. The actions of a few people shouldn't determine whether or not the chat is removed.