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  1. I knew this other person who lived at P. Sherman 42 wallaby way.

    1. thanks =) miss seeing you

      1. Yes it's natural to feel like that. It may be an illusion to you, but to other people who have no idea that you're treating your skin, it's not an illusion.
      2. am good! how are you doing?

        1. Regular peanut butter only contains a very small amount of hydrogenated oil, while natural peanut butter supposedly doesn't contain any at all.
        2. hai how are you?

          1. REALLY!? ahhh so good to hear!! :D I'll message you about Mino.. lol the comment area isn't big enough (:

            1. lol, it didn't agree with me either. I think it actually made my skin worse. I noticed you're using mino, how's that going? That's one of the only things that's been working well for me.

              1. haha are you really 2 yrs old. lol. :) anyway, I stopped using retin-a because it just stopped working for me.. plus it irritated my skin (esp. in the sun). Just didn't agree with me i guess. sorta worked though.

                1. Why'd you stop using Retin-A?

                  1. My doctor just suggested I try it, I didn't even have to ask.