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  1. your skin isn't too bad. try 'skin support' by BLACKMORES they come in a blue box, get them from SOME chemists or pretty much any priceline. you take 2 tablets every morning and you'll notice a difference by the end of the week. do.not.ever.stop taking them they are seriously the best thing
  2. only take ONE fish oil tablet a day or your skin will get toooooooooo oily. it also works best if you take 2 evening primrose oil tablets (only once a day though)
  3. I use a sunscreen/moisturiser SPF30+ that i got from the cosmetic medicine centre so it NEVER causes acne or redness. You can also get it from places like priceline i think...or over the internet. Called 'ultraceuticals' it cost me about $50 or so but it's quite big and you hardly need to use much at all...i got it back in june-ish last year and i still have heaps left
  4. I have a similar problem but mainly have the whiteheads on my forehead. My best friend has just started taking evening primrose oil and fish oil (has been on it for 2 weeks) and she said she's noticed a HUGE difference..i think it has something to do with natural oil balance. Anyway, the important thing is to take only 2 evening primrose tablets and 1 fish oil a day (any more of the fish and you will get more oily and the whiteheads won't go). I just bought a supply today and i'll let you know