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  1. maybe for you after masturbation/sex, i get a lot of big and hurtly pimples. If I don't masturbate/have sex, my skin is clear. I am 20
  2. This makes perfect sense to me! It explains why, when I would decide to stop masturbating for some time to see the impact on my acne, I would usually still break out within a week, usually 7 days later, but then my skin would clear up dramatically over the following week. I got the confirmation last week. For two weeks, I had stopped masturbating (where again I had a breakout a week after stopping, a Saturday evening). I was (and still am) on a gluten-free diet at the same time, so it was dif
  3. it depends. For the most part there are no correlations between sex/masturbation with pimples and skin; but for some people, like me, it provoke breaks out and big pimples after few hours =( maybe there is no cure for me ( and others similar)
  4. Dont answer me "its not real" or "its the age" -_-' its not true. Masturbation causes acne on me and a lot of other peoples. I have read Hundreds of topic and forums about this problem : after masturbation, pimples go out on skin after about 2 or 3 hours; if not masturbate, there are no pimples. I have this problem too and i havent found the right cure after years to dermatologies and a lot of therapies. I am 20 and i have this problem since 11. I know that it's not possible cure this problem,
  5. but we are not all the same. For example : my uncle can't eat cherries because he is allergic to that fruit but i can eat them and my father too. This for sayin that if a thing hurts me, doesnt mean that can hurt you. I have the same problem. After masturbation or sexual activity, my pimples break out after a little of time : about a pair of hours. If i don't masturbate, my skin is clean and without pimples. I am 20 and i am experiment this since 10 years. It's the thruth. I have did a lot of d
  6. i would know, simply, what is the cause that causes pimples after sex/masturb
  7. in fact i have acne explosion even after sex. Im not saying that everyone have links with orgasm----> pimples. I have it. If i have masturb/sex i have pimples after few hours.....if i dont mast/sex i havent pimples. why? however I have a lot of igienic attention like wash face (not only water) 3 times per day changing towel every 2 days. :think: :think:
  8. thanx a lot guys for the comprehension. Hered in Italy people seem stupid and don't understand my problem. You seem to have a wide vision and an objective think about the others ^^ Great. I'll try this and i'll get update you ^^ thanx again
  9. it's too difficult avoid sexual activities and masturbation =( why exists a so stupid problem? Why i can't live a normal sexual activity ? =( i hope to stop masturbate and sex for a while to see what happen. I would like to do this =P :confused: :confused:
  10. thx a lot. i would get zinc but my doctor refuses. How can i do =(
  11. Im not talking about everyone but this is my case and my problem : after sexual activities or masturbation, i ve got a lot of pimples. I havent acne, in fact, if i dont masturbate or do sex, i havent got any pimples. Dont say that this is impossible, because is the reality. I am 20 and i ve got this problem since about 10 years and i have cheched it with doctors and specialists dermatologies. I did a lot of cures and all types of it : cremes, soaps, pills, etc... but the problem begin when i got
  12. then do u suggest to doing it when i have need ?
  13. but in all that time acne goes away alone. Not need to spendt a lot of moneys in soaps, cremes and other
  14. I read the regim treathment and i saw that it needs a lot of things that are very expansive (if we sum every product) Are you sure that this forum is only for information and not a place where sell this kind of products?