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  1. Oh thanks for the reply~ So, can only find aha at tan tock seng pharmacy? cannot find at watsons, guardian tt kind of places? cos i'm like... still a student, no credit card and cannot buy stuff online haha
  2. Hello everyone~ Looked thru the forums and i gather tt the only AHA products tt can be found in Singapore are NeoStrata and Therapeutic? Have anyone used them? Have AHA helped ur red marks to go away more speedily? Lol, 3 qns. Now all i need are answers~ zzz red marks go away~ ciaoz
  3. Yoz~ @Dacha I'm using Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser, should be okay ya? @tombo My face is kinda dry but it's still manageable. Regarding tightness, I experience it sometimes too but it doesnt bother me much... i just wan my acne to go away!~~ Yay, flaking kinda subsided after i decrease the dosage for my nighttime regimen couple days back. After that one regimen, I went back to the usual dosage and now, my cheeks ain't flaking that badly anymore. Argh, so many little pustules here and ther
  4. Thanks for the prompt replies! tombo, u said u cleared up when u were 18. How did u clear up? Was it Dan's regimen? I didn't really have any flakes for the past weeks. I only started experiencing a lot of flaking these few days. My cheeks are not a pretty sight, at all... argh
  5. Haha thanks for the replies ppl @KenPhan Haha good to know someone out there shares my prob now i know i'm not the only one haha @privilege thx for the suggestion but i dunno if i'll grow out of acne? lol @Dacha Haha u read wrongly. I ain't completely clear; there's just significant improvement. Okay i'll try continuing the regimen for a while more but like I said, do you think it's healthy to put so much bp on ur face? It's a strong chemical after all? And I'm not sure if I'll grow out of a
  6. Greetings all I have been on Dan's regimen for 3 weeks now. I haven't completely cleared up but there's definitely significant improvement after the initial breakout or purging as they call it. However, these few days, I'm seeing my skin on my cheeks flaking/peeling bigtime. I understand that the general solution to this is to use a lot of moisturiser. However, it did not really work for me and I'm using one of the recommended regimen products, Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture. Nonetheless, I unde
  7. thanks for the reply so... anyone know if it could be balling up of bp? do ya think it's safe to pluck em off?
  8. Hi everyone I'm kinda new to the regimen, been on it for abt one week Just 2 qns: 1. Why is there an initial breakout after starting the regimen? For me, i have seen pustules appearing where they usually wont 2. I have really small white beads on my face after starting the regimen. Any ideas what they are? Thanks I tried to make this post concise =\
  9. Thank you for the reply Any ideas why i'm getting em when i dun used to have em? I'm kinda worried
  10. Hi all After checking thru the forums, I think that I have been using the wrong products this past week since i started the regimen. Being a student (and still financially dependent on my parents haha), I didnt want to spend money to buy the recommended products so i ended up using these Shokubutsu Facial Foam oxy10 clean and clear moisturiser Somehow after 1 week i have really tiny pustules (actually i'm not entirely sure if they are pustules - i just reckon so 'cause they are white and protr