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  1. Wow so it's been a while... I'm going to do a major update (hence the title) starting right now! So the last time I wrote, my skin was a lot better but my lips were horrible...inflamed, red, raw..hurt to eat, touch, I couldn't kiss.. even when the wind blew on them it was weird. I went to the derm and he said it was an allergic reaction... I stopped using what I was using on my lips and it still didn't really go away. I went again, desperate, before Christmas vacation and he said he's never
  2. thanks so much! Maybe I'll go buy cocoa butter. Is cocoa butter hypoallergenic? My lips are still red/itchy and I don't want to put anything on them that might worsen the situation...
  3. Hiii... So... this is actually the end of week 7... I messed up last entry's title. ANYWAY... my skin is looking good (nothing rised) minus hyperpigmentation but these damn lips... It's not just dryness. They're red and inflamed and suupper sensitive.. and lately, they've been starting to itch a little. I'm going to call/go in to the derm on Monday if they're still not better. When I saw him he had told me 7-10 days, maybe 2 weeks for them to heal. It's 2 weeks tomorrow and unless the
  4. Hello all (or actually, hello myself because judging by the wealth of comments I'm the only one reading this hehe).. So, last entry I complained about a lip issue that is, sadly, still affecting me. It has definitely improved a LOT but I showed no allergic reaction to vaseline and aquaphor (duh) so I have no idea what originally caused my lips to get tiny bubbles/blisters and swell and peel like that. They're still peeling. I'm using Fucibet cream but the derm told me to use it until toda
  5. Starting week 5... Oh man. WELL.. good news: Those cheek pimples aren't pimples anymore, just red spots. Woohoo! bad news: I have some sort of reaction on my lips to something and they are now inflamed and peeling and bubbly. That sounds disgusting.. but it is. I mean, it's not as extremely noticeable as I FEEL like it is (I think because the lips are so sensitive I feel like there are bumps and bubbles all over), but it is soooo uncomfortable. I thought for a bit it could be herpes and
  6. Hello, Well it's been exactly one month since I started taking Isotretinoin... a little over 4 weeks. I was doing fine in the beginning breakout-wise but in the past few days... actually the past like 2 days, I've broken out in 3-4 pimples on my cheek. Quite the downer especially because, even though they're not cysts or anything, they're not small, and they get white and hard. So I just popped them and surely white stuff squirted out (ew) but I know I shouldn't pop them.. but I can't leave
  7. So It's almost week 3. I'm just writing because I've noticed some changes.. like a break out on my cheek! It's not super bad. It just gets my mind spinning of how bad it could get. BUT I must choose not to freak out and to remain calm. Everyday is different.. some days my lips are super dry, other days my chin or right next to my nose is flaky/peeling, other days after I wash my face before bed my face is super red. Welll... redder than I'm used to. Other days my eyes are dry. My skin is st
  8. Hello! I'm a little late but whatevs. So, so far everything's been going fine. Like I mentioned before, my skin got really oily at first (or at least had an oily look) but was also flaky dry, which was annoying and made me self-conscious but I could handle it (I've had years of skin problems, come on). Now my skin is less oily appearing but still a bit dry, but which lotion day and night it's not bad at all. I barely have any pimples, though my hyperpigmentation is still there. I tried squee
  9. espejo1

    Week 1

    Haha, thanks for the input. It's the first time I ever had to take plan b so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'll wait to see if it normalizes (and cross all my fingers it does... blah!). Anyway.. yeah I keep having to pinch myself to believe I'm actually living in Spain right now, it's pretty crazy. If you have a free year you should definitely consider the program I'm doing I'll send you more info on it if you want!
  10. So! I'm on a pretty low dose.. and sometimes I'm concerned because I think "will this be as effective???" but other times I'm grateful because the side effects of isotretinoin do freak me out. Is anyone else on/has taken 30 mg/day? What was your experience like? How long were you on it for? So far, in 1 week, I have some less zits, and the zits I get are small and go away quickly. I'm doing all I can not to pick. My skin is super oily, more oily than normal I think... but I was expect
  11. Hello-- So I'm a 22 yr-old female and I'm on 30 mg/day of Isotretinoin (some brand called Mayesta I think), which I started about a week ago. This will be an experience 1. because it's isotretinoin... pretty intense! and 2. because I'm currently living in Madrid, Spain. So ME: I've had acne/been self-conscious about the skin on my face for at least 5 years, maybe 7. There was a long period in high school where my skin cleared up beautifully with Duac (clindamycin+BP), but then in col
  12. I'm not on accutane and never have been, but I would just talk to your derm about it and try not to freak out too much until you do. I've read accutane logs of people with minor joint pain that goes away in a week or a month, and people on the unfortunate end that have pain that lasts past the treatment (I'm thinking about taking it so I've read a lot of logs haha). I think minor joint/back pain can be a common side-effect that goes away but if it gets more severe and persistent it may be indica
  13. espejo1

    Maybe starting working 3 months in? Broke me out TERRIBLY for 3 months straight. So bad on my forehead I cut myself bangs. Before retin-a micro, I was doing okay just using BP but I really wanted something that would keep me consistently clear. Retin-a micro started breaking me out within the first week... I kept it up thinking intial break out but it lasted for around 3 months, until finally I seemed to start clearing up a little bit.. and then went on vacation to Hawaii and broke out teerribbl
  14. I'm going to Madrid soon to teach english for the year and my program includes health insurance with Mapfre (pretty good insurance). I have dealt with moderate acne for at least 5 years and am just so tired of it, tired of constantly worrying about my face. I'm considering going to a dermatologist in Spain and asking about being put on accutane (or their equivalent.. which I think is called dercután or just acután). I was wondering if anyone who lives abroad or has lived abroad (particularly
  15. hey-- this is quite random, but I'm going to Madrid in a few weeks to teach english for the year. The program I'm doing includes insurance with Mapfre and I was thinking of going to a dermatologist and asking about accutane (I've been struggling with moderate acne since I was 15 and have tried sooo many different products, prescription and over the counter.. I'm 21 now). Did your insurance include dermatologist visits, and how much did accutane cost for you in Spain (is it called the same thi