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  1. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    yay! it's been forever since I posted, but I've found some stuff that has seriously cleared me up.. I can finally consider myself to be slotted into the the "mild" acne category now, just a few zits every now and again I've been getting monthly facials, using really good face wash; Keyano's Alpha Beta Exfoliating Cleanser, after loads of research have discovered suphur and calcerea sulphurica tablets/pellets, and I broke free from a 5 year emotionally abusive relationship (um, stress?) so I c
  2. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    Hey shelby! I'm glad you found enjoyment reading my little blog here, its nice to hear that it's lifted your spirits a bit. It's a shame I can't keep it going since I'm not on the drug and have nothing to report. I'm toying with the idea of battening down the hatches and jumping back on the pill, or making an appointment to see a homeopathic doc. Accutane corrects the symptoms or acne, sure, but not the root cause, which in my case might be a hormonal imbalance... Anyway, don't be too concerned
  3. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    Umm for anyone still interested is the following update. I popped two 10mgs for two days, then headed out of the city for a very nice vacay of three weeks. I then realized my pills are happily sitting on my desk back in the city. Bah. Maybe its for the best, as I still hear ringing in my freaking ears, and I could swear its even more audible after those two days... The oil has been creeping back ever so stealthily. I've been taking B5, Fish Oil, and Sulphur supplements. I caved in and bought t
  4. lebeck

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    You look great! No need to beat yourself up, you're definitely heating up the 'tane path.
  5. lebeck

    Change I can believe in.

    Haha, good thing "sudden and severe urge to shop for clothing" is not listed as a dangerous side effect. I also noticed the blackheads were (and still are) literally falling out of my face. Its pretty cool. That's great that you're doing so well! You're right about the serious side effects, very rare, millions of people are on this drug without a hitch. Best of luck, I'll keep watching your log!
  6. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    Hey there! Glad to see there's still some luvin on my log here.. Well its been a week since I've been off, and the headaches started deceasing in severity, and the last couple days they've tapered down to nothing! I do still have ear ringing, which I thought was weird, but looked it up, and its actually a side effect that is most likely permanent. Oh well, it doesn't really bother me. There's still zero oil production on my skin, but my lips aren't chapped anymore. My skin is actually doing wel
  7. lebeck

    Change I can believe in.

    I agree w/ Kimberly_ann that there are people out there who make it their mission to put a bad name on the drug, all they want to do is scare the pants off of tane-virgins. But it's important to know that you can't take it lightly either, Accutane is powerful and not for everyone. I actually had to get off my course recently because of a potential serious side effect brewing. As long as you're honest with your derm and listen to your body you'll be fine. Good luck to all of you
  8. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    Thanks, guys. I may be off the Accutane band wagon for a while, but I'll still do updates if anything significant arises. I'll most definitely be living vicariously though you for a while though haha, and will be your little cheerleader on the sidelines...
  9. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    Sooo, I suppose I should change the name of this log to: My Shiny New Uncertain Future With Accutane Will I Ever Have Clear Skin Log. My derm was concerned about the headaches, he said Accutane might not be for me. I asked him if this was a common side effect, he said no, and it could be a sign of something more potentially serious. I mean I trust him, he's a well-known and reputable doc in these parts. He told me I have to stay off the drug until my headaches go away completely. Not sure how l
  10. Guys-- just wanted to let you know make sure you tell your derm if you're experiencing headaches. Mine just told me they aren't a common side effect and could be signs for a more serious issue. I was told to stay off the drug until they go away, then will try 10mg and see if they come back.
  11. lebeck

    Low Dose Brand Name Accutane Log

    Your derm said the brand name is better? Interesting, I thought they all worked the same-- I've been having some narsty side effects on Sotret and am wondering if switching brands would help. Good luck!
  12. lebeck

    ~ My Accutane Journey ~

    Nice to see another New Yorker, that's great that you've barely had any side effects! Can't say the same for myself, bah, though I'm on Sotret and wondering if switching generic brands might help some. Its doubtful, but either way, glad Clavaris has been treating you so well! Good luck I'm sure you'll ride out the rest of your course with ease
  13. lebeck

    JMac´s Accutane Log

    Gaah I know, I just had a major break in willpower and squeezed the white junk out of 3 or 4 spots. Baad idea. Keep up the resistance by all means necessary, even if it means avoiding mirrors for the next couple days. Good luck, improvements can already be seen. Oh and did I mention I live in a shoebox and sleep in the top bunk? I totally know what you mean about livin the high life of luxury. Hope you can get some freaken furniture in there.
  14. lebeck

    Change I can believe in.

    Its great to hear how well you're doing, especially considering you've started out on a normal dose (none of that baby dose nonsense.) Speaking of breaking out in strange places, I have one cyst in the exact same location behind each ear! All the others seem to be following a symmetrical pattern as well. Do you use coverup during the day, or are you among the courageous few who say screw it - and brave the world with naked skin? I certainly don't! Best of luck it can only get better from her
  15. lebeck

    My Shiny New Sotret Log

    Hey! Well since my derm's office is run my imbecile bimbos, it was no surprise to me that they never called me back. Luckily, I get to see my doctor face to face tomorrow, so I can tell him about all of this. I'm hoping he can lower my dose or maybe switch generic brands or something. I really don't want to have to stop for good, I'm already seeing a difference and love this oil free skin. I mean, this headache has been persistent (and is by no means wimpy) for nearly a week now, and the tinnit