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  1. I've been on the regimem for severe chest body acne for about 7 weeks. The redness is fading and the itching is getting a lot better. Only today I have had a new spot appear ( I believe this is espected). Anyway I have noticed that my chest hair is getting dyed and going an almost orange colour (I am a natural dark haired man) Does anyone know anyway of stopping my hair getting dyed? I am using BP and AHA twice a day after showering.
  2. Hmm, not too sure. If I was you i'd follow Dan's regimem. Maybe try and buy a gel BP so it stays on rather than it getting washed off straight away. There should be loads of posts on alternative UK products over the counter Good Luck
  3. Thanks for the reply. I feel it might also be i've started on too much BP. I think i'll reduce the amount as I've been applying twice daily with the recomended anount both times. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but do I add the moisturiser after the AHA? for example: Cleanser, BP, AHA, moisturiser Is there any good UK moisturiser you could recomend? Thanks again
  4. Hi, I've browsed through all posts to see if my question has already been answered and couldn't really find it. Anyway, I have been following Dan's regimem for a little over 3 weeks for severe body acne. The great news is no break outs at all and all existing spots have now gone, but scarred. The only problem is the redness is pretty bad. I am actually peeling in places and it's very itchy. I just wanted to hear other peoples stories to see what I am going through is normal. Will the rednes
  5. Hi, I've been following Dans moderate/severe chest acne regimem. So far no breakouts (2nd week in) But follow his instructions using his products seems to be working for me. Your symtoms are exactly the same as mine. A few big chest spots that take weeks to go, then more appear and same over.... Good luck and fingers crossed.
  6. Hi, I really understand your anxiety. I have also suffered with chest acne for the last year. I get 3 or 4 big spots about once a month. That then leaves scares...my confidence was on a real low till i found this website. Anyway I started on the moderate regigem for chest acne. I would have a shower in the morning using Dan's cleanser followed by the AHA. I would then do the same again after work. This wasn't really working so I bought the BP from Dan. My regimem now consists of: A
  7. Hi, did you buy that AHA product. I have the same question that you have asked and would love to know an answer also. Can anybody in the community validate if this AHA product is a good replacement for Dan's AHA?
  8. Hi, I had to wait about 3.5 weeks. It took a long time to arrive. I was also stung with a custome charge (however I did buy 2x AHA and 1 cleanser) Hope this helps and good luck!
  9. Hi, many thanks for your reply and information. It will be most helpful. I think i'll try the 5% AHA product to see how it works. Dans products are really working, but as mentioned in a lot of posts it is quite pricey when you have to add on the extra custom charges. Anyway, I wish you luck with your treatment Kind regards John
  10. I'd just like to thank the community for the lack of responses (I.e. zero) to my 2 posts. It's nice to feel welcomed Thank you all very much. Sure i'll be getting some posts now
  11. Hi, thatnks for the info. Have you any idea what Alpha Hydrox AHA I can use in the UK? I am following the regimem for moderate chest acne. Many thanks John
  12. Hi, I am new to this site. Hello to all. Could anyone tell me what UK products I need for moderate acne on the chest following Dan's body acne regimem? It’s a real hassle with charges and time ordering from the States. If I could find suitable alpha hydroxyl acid and a good cleanser for the treatment here in the UK it would be a great help. Please help. I have found this product on ebay uk. Is it any good? DCL AHA Revitalising Lotion 10 Many thanks John
  13. Hi, I am new to this site. Hello to all. could anyone tell me what UK products I need for moderate acne on the chest following Dan's body acne regimem? What cleanser to use what alpha hydroxy acid What Benzoyl peroxide Also, do I need to follow the steps twice a day? having 2 showers with cleanser, alpha hydroxy acid, Benzoyl peroxide applied? Many thanks