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  1. Hey you both look great together.. That picture is really cute.. Good Luck!!
  2. Hi Lauren, I didn't notice that you are taking clindamycin orally. Well I used clindamycin topically.. Its called Clindamycin Phosphate Gel.. I used to apply it once in the morning and BP 2.5% at night.. And I was taking Doxy (100 mg) once a day.. I don't have any experience with Clindamycin orally but I hope it works well for you.. Good luck!!
  3. I don't know how true is this.. I am 21 right now and just have around 6 months to be 22 so if its true I'm more than happy.. I had a really bad breakout just after I turned 21.. I don't know if it has anything to do with the age but I did use some new stuff around that time so it might be due to that.. I just got clear few days back with a diet regimen and its going good so far.. But I know someone who grew out of acne after 22.. My best friend suffered with really bad acne for 4-5 years but f
  4. I agree carrots aren't bad at all but they should be taken in moderation.. Too many carrots a day wouldn't be a good idea.. I do eat carrots not everyday but sometimes.. I don't remember eating more than 2 carrots a day.. Well that's just me but everyone is different..
  5. Hey there, I have used Clindamycin(Morning) before but I used it along with BP 2.5%(Night) and Doxy(100 mg once a day).. This combo was prescribed to me by Derm.. It worked very well for me.. I got clear in about 15 days.. Clindamycin is not as drying as BP so its good that ways.. Good luck with your regimen.. Hope you get clear soon..
  6. Aww.. That's adorably cute.. Congratulations to both of you.. Good luck for the future..
  7. Hii Christof, I thought I'll just have a look at your log to see how things are going for you.. I am really happy to know that you are clear.. Looks like we got clear around same time.. (Although by different regimens ) I am glad things have worked so well for you..
  8. Thanks Christof.. Yeah I am really happy to be clear and to be able to stick with the regimen.. They were times I felt like giving up or trying some new stuff or just my impatience.. But looking at my face now gives me immense satisfaction.. I totally agree with you that sticking to your own regimen gives amazing results.. Now I understand my skin in much better way.. I know which things are good and bad for my skin and how to take care of my skin properly.. Their is nothing better than learnin
  9. DAY 42 : Alright guys.. I have finally reached there.. I am 100% clear.. Oh gosh I cannot explain how happy I am.. You can get that from the number of smileys I've put above.. I am pleased with my efforts and patience and don't know what all.. Even though this regimen has taken more time compared to other medications I have used before, it has worked amazing well for me.. Now let me tell I have been clear for past 4 days but I wanted to wait a while to see if it stays.. I know its too early
  10. Hiii asn6, Your skin looks amazing.. And you are really pretty.. No wonder you got compliments on your skin.. It has improved like hell.. I am glad diet and niacin has worked so well for you.. Things are going fine with me too with diet.. But obviously not as good as yours.. I mean I still have red marks.. What else do you take other than niacin.. Also have you tried going off niacin.. I read somewhere it isn't good in long run.. Just worried about that a bit.. Anyways I hope you stay clear wi
  11. I wouldn't mind dating a guy with acne.. If my BF has acne he'll understand the whole situation much better.. My last two boyfriends had clear skin just a spot at times and I also didn't have acne then.. So this is going to be interesting..
  12. Christof, You should be able find these products easily in UK.. Just look in stores nearby.. If you don't find them you can order them online.. I haven't got these products yet so I don't know.. I'll tell ya if I get any..
  13. DAY 31 : It's the end of month and I'm still here.. Well where do I start.. I sounded little different in the last post more like sad but I'm back with a bang.. I really can't stay depressed for long.. I know that was funny but dealing with acne has made me tough.. Last Tuesday I had gone for an outing.. It was like an hour drive from my house.. The place was like a hilly region and it was raining.. It was so beautiful surrounded by the greenery and the pleasant atmosphere.. I immediately
  14. DAY 24 : Oh I am so close to complete a month with this regimen.. It feels good that I have finally stuck with something.. I have learned quite a lot about my skin all these days.. I was expecting my skin to fall in place in a month's time but that hasn't happened yet.. My breakouts have reduced quite a lot.. I didn't get hormonal acne.. Some of the old red marks have faded to a great extent.. I am pleased to see my forehead and chin clear most of the days.. Some experiments with diet did giv
  15. Aww Thank you for those nice words.. :) Yeah I too believe energy is huge advantage.. All my tiredness is gone.. I am super excited to do my work.. So its pretty cool.. but I'll like to have both clear skin & energy.. :D Olay does make wonderful products.. They are really gentle on the skin.. Most of them smell so good.. You are very kind to tell about the products you use.. :) I'm happy I can clear my doubts before buying them.. Thank you.. :) I'll update about smoothies in few days.. Cya