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  1. At first I thought it might have been my diet as I went from slightly balanced to a high fat/protein low-carb diet (something like the Anabolic diet) but looking here and other places it seems diet isn't a relevant factor, so that's nice as I'm enjoying the new foooood. I'll be the first to admit my skin care isn't the best, although I shower daily I never wash my face before bed or when waking up or use any products because I haven't really needed them. I had some 7yr. old tube of benzo tha
  2. I thought I would update, 2 days have passed and I've been icing a lot, taking my ibuprofen, and using a lot of neosporin w/ a bandaid. Does this look like decent progress from the first pic? the pain is completely gone (ty lord) which is nice
  3. Wynne, thank you again, ya'll have been very helpful. A final question, if the nodule/cyst/pimple seems to be improving how bad an idea is waiting 1-2 more days before going? I work from home so the visual aspect of the pimple isn't a worry, am I risking some bigger danger? Do these things ever solve themselves or does pretty much every case wind up with a trip to the Doc. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the replies, yes I do have personal health insurance, not sure how much it will help. Can anyone give me a ballpark cost (I live in the US) for a visit to the derm to treat something like this?
  5. Hello, some info about me -24 -male no serious acne in the past, had some small acne in high school but never needed any treatment. Two days ago I could feel something next to my right eyebrow, painful then, painful now. I woke up today an put a warm cloth on it which someone opened it up, I then squeezed (I know that wasn't right after reading these forums) and a ton of puss (white stuff) and blood came out. I've never had anything like this before, should I head to the derm, I've started