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  1. ok, so it has been one month (2 days short of one month) that I have been on the retin-a .025 cream. i am so clear right now, but believe it is from the amoxycillin 1500 mg per day that my doc rx'd. now i am off of that though, it was just to clear me up from a terrible breakout. he has switched me to erythromycin, and i am continuing with the retin a and clindamycin. no IB from switching from differin, yay! i am glad, but afraid that now I am off the high dose antibiotic, the breakouts wil
  2. I am on erythromycin. 333 mg twice a day. Seems like everyone is on 250 twice a day, but then again I just got over a horrid breakout and cried in the Dr.'s office. Since I have only taken it for two days, I really cannot say yet. The Dr. had me on a rather heavy dose of amoxycillin for one month to get things under control then prescribed this as a 3 month regimine then a follow up to see what is up. I am already clear, just nursing a bunch of red spots and hoping to maintain my current st
  3. Yes, in my experience it will work again. I've been on and off Differin for the past 10 years, first the .1 then the .3 later. Now, I want to say that I never experienced an initial breakout with Differin the first time (at least, not that I can remember...that was a long time ago). I also do not remember anything except getting clear all the other times I re-started UNTIL this very last time I started it. 2 months ago I was having a severe breakout due to stress and changing my BCP (I think
  4. Hey John, yea, long story short switched from Differin gel to Retin A cream. I was curious if people experienced an initial breakout or not, and was terrified to switch as I had just gotten a terrible breakout under control with antibiotics. I am trying to heal the red marks and get things back under control. For anyone else's reference though...switching for me was no big deal, no IB (am on pretty stong dose of amoxy) and I actually jumped straight into using it every night even though
  5. Hey there! I have been on differin gel forever and last year was bumped up to .3, anyway, since then I really haven't stayed clear for long. About two months ago my face broke out...I was moving, changed BCP's, got a dog, became a landlord renting my condo...it's been soooo stressful. My face started to breakout badly so I started in again hardcore with the differin gel (I had been using about 3 times a week). I have been experiencing a purging process already with differin (weird I thought
  6. Okay, so I have been on Differin and for about 10 years now and different antibiotics (last one was Doxy) and lately added Finacea, I still am not sure it does anything at all for me. About two months ago my face really broke out due to stress and changing my birth control pill. I asked doc about spiro...he wants to try something else first. He prescribed Retin-A every other day then increase to once a day along with Clindamycin pads for my face and back twice a day. He said stay on my sam
  7. tarah2878


    I take Zovia. I have been on it two months and my acne has been worse than ever. I do not attribute it to the pill though. Stress has been over the moon; I think that was the trigger. Anyway, I just found a Dr. who prescribes spiro and am going to see him tomorrow. We will see if he prescribes it for me or not. I really think it just takes awhile for a hormonal change to take place. Your body is probably still adjusting to the changes and I would give it a few months for it to take effe
  8. Thanks Boston, it's worth a try right? I think I will do that today! Yeah, those endocrinologists focus on infertility issues and diabetes, I can't find one who is more well rounded, they are all so specialized. The saddest part about this particular doc though, was that he had listed skin problems including acne and psoriasis on his website as conditions that he could treat. Hmmm? Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  9. I have hormonal acne, my derm says so but he will not treat the cause outside of the BCP. I want to try Spiro. He constantly has me on antibiotics...I just switched from doxy to amoxy because my face exploded with acne after switching BCP. Can anyone recommend a Dr. in the CHarlotte NC area who will treat me and perhaps prescribe spiro? I have a feeling it will work for me and want to at least try it. I called an internal medicine spec. endocrinologist who said he has never heard of hormona
  10. Hi. I am new here, this is my first post. I have suffered from acne since I was a teen, not so bad then, but it came back as an adult even worse when I was 21...and I am 30 now still fighting it. I use differin, finacea, bp just on active spots and neutrogena extra gentle cleanser and neutrogena oil control lotion, also I take doxy and drink ACV daily. I searched for turmeric on the boards because I used it to treat my hidradenitis suppurativa with success a year or so ago and was wonderin