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  1. I hope this isnt true!!! I sit in front of a computer 12 hours a day most days!! 8 hours at work and 4 hours when i get home. ARRRGGHHH #
  2. Anyone know where to get this in the Uk yet?
  3. I cant stop for even a day slept at a girls house the other night woke up the next morning after just one night of not washing or using BP and my skin looked like shit taken me 2 days to get it looking half decent again
  4. DONT BUY IT!! I paid £40 for a tub of this and it did nothing. Its very over rated and very over priced trust me dont waste ur cash.
  5. what about making it look better mine looks like shit and rough
  6. http://www.1st-incentives.co.uk/details.asp?proid=257 Its a viva facial sauna system. =D> Hoping this will help clear my skin and make it look really nice again oppinions on these types of machines and their effects on acne?
  7. http://acne.org/albums/album02/before2.jpg first off sorry for using your pic but I dont have one. Anyway My skin looks much like this but a lot redder and less smooth but without the active acne. How should I get rid of it?? I just lost another amazing good looking girl last night due to my skin, I just want to live my life how i want or I dont want to live it at all
  8. Went out to a club tonight (still drunk) I was dancing about like an idiot and I a very nice girl kept coming over to me and dancing. I was very self concious and was thinking to myself as soon as the light hits me she'll see my acne and walk away (I have red marks on my face)... but she didnt and we went for a chat and I got her number etc. However all the club was relatively dark and I thought as soon as we get outside where its extremely bright (football floodlights style) she'll be eww
  9. How fucked up will using Retin A make my skin look? I have found I can get it online without prescription but before I do I want to know the side effects of using it? I heard it burns off a layer skin which sounds good but not if my face is gonna look like something out of star trek for a few weeks Your experiences?
  10. My skin is getting really oily recently at work. I sit in my chair all day infront of my computer and my skin gets worst and worst as the day progesses until my face is all shiny and mosist at the end of the day which is causing more acne. Just spent £40 on acne products in 2 days Im getting really obsessive with it now i just want to be clear so I can get on with my life and start dating some sexy girls.
  11. Thanks. gonna try wearing myself out before I sleep, just a need a girlfriend and Im all set.
  12. Im convinced now that my acne is related to lack of sleep cos during some time off work recently where I was really relaxed I slept really well for like 10 hours a night. Now Im back at work I struggle to get even 7 hours sleep and I think its messing my skin up. Can i get sleeping Tablets over the counter without a prescription in the UK if so which should I get and are they expensive?
  13. Well I think it does have a lot to do with that particular pakaging and brand name "OXY ON THE SPOT" its just asking everyone to look at my face to see why I am buying it, maybe Im just paranoid but I dont want people to do that especially the fit women that are at the local checkouts in boots and some supermarkets.
  14. My long time supplier of BP in the form of Oxy on the Spot has decided to discontinue their supply :-s -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You recently asked us to inform you when Oxy On The Spot becomes available. Unfortunately this product has now been discontinued and will no longer be available at boots.com. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you would like to purchase an alternative product please visit
  15. Just want some advice on what I am doing at the moment and if there is anything i can add to it. Morning -Clear pore wash from neutrogena -Apply BP or Vita K cream Afternoon -Wipe face with towel to remove excess oil Evening -Shower using the clear pore wash -Body shop shampoo & conditioner Night -Apply BP or neutrogena clear pore treatment -Sleep for 8 hours note: I also drink lots of water with lemon juice in it when i can, I use olive oil to rid blackhead bu