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  1. Solved! I have restored my skin to the best it can possibly be by cleansing with a gentle cleanser (i recommend ceraVe) using only COOL water, followed up by a moistruzier with ceramides (Cerave PM). Since doing this after building up the deeper layers of my skin (using retinols), my skin is able to hold onto moisture better than ever! Never ever use hot/warm water on your face if you suffer from this. The epidermis can be helped by building block ingredients such as Niacinamide, Oils li
  2. I've started using a Vitamin C serum to a positive effect. I belive Vitamin C has the ability to repair the dermis as well as the epidermis if it is at 10% and above with a low Ph (3.5 and below). If peoples skin has been thinned and damaged by a product, I believe a Vitamin C serum could be all what's required to help you guys out. You can make your own serum cheaply enough if you get L-ascorbic acid and some pure water if you're confident enough. Alternatively, you can do what i have done an
  3. Your confusing the issue here prettysam, dehydrated skin simply means that the outer layer that holds the water content in the skin is damaged, the skin still supports itself with sebum (oils). dehydrated skin is completely different to dry skin. Dry = Lack of Oil. Dehydrated = Lack of Water. I agree that drinking water will help your skin however with dehydrated skin no matter how much water you ingest the skin will simply evaporate and not be able to hold onto. Facial masks need to be av
  4. Just a quick update guys. I've been using Retin-A for about 6-7 months now and It's made my skin far better than what it was previously. I've also found an Oil-free SPF 30 sunscreen to use in the day that protects from the suns rays. I will continue to use the Retin-A as it's really awesome stuff. It has made my skin texture look lots better, evened out the tone a touch, and made my skin hold on to moisture more easily. My skin still gets dry and peels though, but that can be greatly reduced by
  5. Ok it has been 8 weeks since i started the niacinamide and n-acatyl glucasmine spray in distilled water. Results: I'm afraid that i have had no change to my skin, but i have indeed found a fix to my problem and it has repaired and restored my skin trumendously. I give thanks to cubed for the advice and help along the way, and i hope the method has helped other people fix their problem. I believe that everyones skin is different, and requires different methods to fix problems that affect
  6. It's been 3 weeks today. Still looks the same, although my face feels really taut and the surface feels thirsty . Skin still looks thin and gets dull very quickly after waking up. I still sometimes wake up and it looks good only for it to go bad :S . Surprisingly, i've had very little oil and no peeling or skin shedding that is visible. Strange. I've had acne forming on my chin and around my mouth. Nothing major though. Bring on the next few weeks.
  7. Just one last question (You're probably starting to get annoyed at me now lol) Is it OK to blot the oil off your skin during the day? Since i have stopped washing my face, it can get slightly oily during the day. It isnt massive amounts, but it just looks worse if i leave it. I'm just asking because i don't want to hurt my process. BTW i do it lightly.. i don't scrub.
  8. Hey you never know, trying a little turmeric in the beginning may just accelerate progress! I wish I had tried it in the beginning of my process. oh well. 1. washing is tricky! i never really washed my face...unless it got really dirty or something or i was in a really dirty environment (and when i washed it, i always used oil cleansing but without the steam...just massaging oil on and gently wiping off). anyway, splashing with water shouldn't hurt. make sure it's distilled...and don't rub t
  9. Turmeric powder. I've heard of that before, but used in a mask for acne lesions. I'm sticking with the Niacinamide and NAG toner until i have repaired what damage i have done. I have a couple of questions: 1. Washing. Is it OK to wash once a day at night with a few spashes before putting on the toner solution? I would use cleansers but i feel that they might be stripping the skin and thwarting progress. 2. If you don't mind be asking, Cubed, but what did your skin look like when you init
  10. Just wondering how everyone is getting on? I wonder if rarejr has had any success. I've had to restart everything because i was not getting anywhere with oils and creams. I think i understand what Cubed means when you should only use the toner to get results. 2 months can't come any quicker ^.^ I've put distilled water, Niacinamide powder (make sure it's cosmetic grade, otherwise it might not work), N-Acetyl glucosamine and a preservative called germaben, which is very good in water at 0.3-1%. 5
  11. I have not got a spray, but i have got a Serum which i got from ebay that has 5% Niacinamide. I think serums are better than sprays for the reason of getting more active onto the skin than with sprays which can be trickier to get on evenly. However both methods will work. About the hyaluronic acid tablets. Well, what can i say. A member on the forums has had what we are suffering from and she achieved a significant different in skin hydration after taking for 2 months that is hyaluronic acid
  12. I'd say she took 200mg a day. The hyaluronic acid she took had collagen in them too, so try and get those ones. She mentioned that it helped in 2 months of taking them.
  13. Yes, you can get them from many online retailers. Niacinamide is best used as well as it has shown in studies to rebuild the skin barrier.
  14. I found a topic on essentialdayspa.com called "Retin A creating open pores and bad texture". Don't worry, the thread has turned me off using that drug. However, a user on there called Skindeep77 who is describing her problem as exactly as our own. Her dehydrated and damaged skin was caused by Retin-A and she had the problem for nearly 2 years! She took supplements that contained hyaluronic acid that returned her skin to the way it was before the damage. the supplements were: (All taken inter
  15. Just a question for anyone to answer here: How did everybodies dehydrated skin become that way? Was there a product you used for example? For me it was using a anti-bacterial cleanser for acne that you leave on for 5 minutes then wash off. Also, has anyone looked at supplementing Hyaluronic acid internally. I've seen some threads about some users getting dehydrated skin from topicals and one user has used capsules for skin that contain hyaluronic acid that has helped that person complete