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  1. Hey everyone! Does anyone have any recommendations for a good doctor to treat moderate acne scarring in the GTA (Toronto,mississauga, brampton, etc)? I would appreciate any advice. thanks!
  2. hey @ihateacnesomuch123 where did you do the subscision consult? I am also looking around for a good acne scar treatment dr in the GTA. I have been to a bunch of derms but they only offer lasers. I have heard dr. Matta in brampton was good, but i haven't been yet and im not sure if he does subscision. If you come across a good doctor that specializes in acne scars in the Toronto area, I would really love to hear about it as i am also on the hunt!
  3. Thanks for the tips @no_hope : what's Intracel and enerjet? Im willing to travel also Is dr. Matta the one you would recommend? @freshstart2014.. I pmed you for details. Thanks again I went to a derm today and fraxel would cost $800/treatment and I need a min of 5 treatments.. But I'm kinda scared of laser :S Not really sure what would be the best option haha. if anyone has anymore input on this it would be greatly appreciatedI
  4. Hey! Can anyone recommend a good doctor/clinic in the Toronto area for moderate/severe acne scarring including indented/pitted scars and hypertrophic/keloid scars? I would really appreciate all of your advice
  5. hello! i also suffer from keloid scarring,but i have it on my face (jawline and neck)..the best thing to do with keloids is not to aggravate them bc when you aggrevate them then they start to itch and..when they itch that means that they are growing.. the best thing to do is to go to a derm and to get kenalog or steriod injections into the keloid scars..the injections flatten the keloid... i have been doing this for 2 years and my keloids have almost completely flattened.. they are still noticab
  6. hey guys..just wanted to know if anyone has any success keloid stories yet? do you guys know if there are any laser procedures that help with keloids? im still doing the kenalog injections and they have flattened out my scars drastically but they still bulge out and look weird bc they are on my jawline.. any suggestions/advice?
  7. hey.. i have 4 pretty bad keloids on my jawline.. i have been getting steriod injections once a month for a year and a half and they have flattened out a bit... i have also been applying contractubex on them... its a gel i found on ebay.. i would say 1 has flattened out completely, 2 have flattened approx 50% and 1 is stubborn.. i would def suggest to continue doing the injections and perhaps adding in a topical scar gel.. i use Contractubex but i think mederma is similar (not 100% sure though).
  8. I am also a keloid sufferer .. how is your progress coming along? any success?
  9. hey ilonka how have you been? hows everything coming along? hope all is welll.. miss our chats!

  10. This isn't for depressed/atrophic scarring. And there's a lot of stuff out there for keloids that has been around, so nothing sepcial about this. thanx for the reply.. you said theres alot of stuff out there for keloids? do you mind filling me in on some of those things? do you know if they work?
  11. hey guys i just wanted to ask if anyone has ever heard of this product.. its called Merz Contractubex Gel and apparently helps with acne scars such as keloids. I have a couple keloids (hypertrophic scars) from my acne and im desperate to get rid of them..(btw i already go for scar injections)... I found this product on ebay and im tempted to buy it but i dont want to waste my money.. soo if you guys have ever used this or heard about this pls let me know.. thanks.. you can check it out on ebay
  12. wuts up nat, how r u doing ,,? Im chillin, summer is cool,even though im in summer school haha,, I am kinda annoyed w my scars a lot more lately, i love being outdoors but feel so uncomfortable w all the makeup(it makes me look older)lol, ya nd Im obssed w a guy from school but he is in another state for the summer, kk im gnna ttyl pz

  13. hey guys.. im currently dealing with some acne but mostly acne scars (keloids - they are quite severe)..i can cover the scars with my hair -unless the wind blows or i gotta tie my hair up-which i avoid .... and im trying to build up my confidence level about my acne scars... unfortch i get extremely self conscious and im constantly worrying about someone noticing my scars and asking me "ewww whats that on your face?".. soooo i wanted to get some feedback from you guys.. what would a CONFIDENT
  14. thanks for all the info guys!! ANNA > what kind of tape do you use? btw iv had 6 kenalog injections already.. id say it went down a bit but i still need more