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  1. Hi mk2- You're not doomed. I took Accutane twice, too, once at 19 and again at 26. I just didn't know how awful a med it really is, but I'm working my way back. I am also hypothyroid- was just diagnosed after what I suspect is many years. Same symptoms as you. That's a whole other topic, but the short answer for that is that hypo can affect your hormones and screw up your skin. I'm on NatureThroid because I didn't want synthetic dyes or fillers for my skin to react to. So far, so good. I
  2. Hi lifelong! I'm weaning myself off spiro, too- it gives me horrible dry eye, even at low doses. I don't think the brand matters as long as you're getting standardized extract. Others have mentioned that GNC is good. For me, I use Nature's Bounty. FYI, you can get headaches on SP, so try taking it with a meal. For me, I wait about 15 minutes after finishing a meal to take it and I seem to be warding off the headaches. Check out Green Gables Big Hormonal post on acne- you'll get bet
  3. Hi everyone! Spironolactone gives me 100% clear skin and I love it- except for the fact that now I have evaporative dry eye. I've looked into it, and anti-androgen therapy is definitely a possible cause. I'm not on anything else, and the dry eye started about a year ago (a year into my history with spiro), so I think the spiro needs to go. The burning and bloodshot eyes are making me really self-conscious. What a horrible problem- acne from too many androgens or dry eye from not enough andro
  4. Hi cvd- Thanks for the kind words. Hormonal acne is tough, but at least I'm certain that's what it is. I don't know if I'm estrogen dominant- I'm thinking of going to an endocrinologist and getting tested, but we'll see how I do. I am currently taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen LO, and I've had good luck with it. Instead of huge cysts that scar, I get huge pimples that generally form whiteheads, go away in a few days and don't scar. I just started taking 5,000 IU of Solaray vitamin A in addition
  5. Hi all- My doc at Rush Dermatology was very cavalier about Spiro. She said it was safer than Accutane (been on that twice) and that it would help my huge hormonal cysts. Spiro did help my acne. I was at 50mg a day and within days noticed a drying of my skin. I didn't get an initial breakout, but I did develop large scaly red patches of extremely dry skin that were not concealable with makeup. That really sucked, but i figured I could live with it. I wasn't getting new acne, so I was really
  6. I know! It was MORE than weird. It was heartbreaking! The regimen has kept me almost completely clear for 2 years and I was loving it. I'm near the 7 year cellular regeneration mark (I'm 37), so my chemistry has definitely changed. That's the only thing I can think of. There are similar experiences on the net- I'm just one of the unlucky ones. And yes, I still have BAD hyperpigmentation and it's driving me crazy. I work with teenagers and I feel like one of them!
  7. Hi all- I have used Dan's regimen for 2 years and have loved the results until last August. I began to get one VERY bad cyst per month. The regimen took care of all the small bumps and pimples, and I was otherwise beautiful and clear. But one bad cyst a month would simply not go away no matter what I did. It was slow to heal and I began to get scars. As of this writing, I still have a few. This was very upsetting, and I tried everything. Getting them shot up at the derm, NOT getting them sh
  8. Oh, c'est la vigne! I feel so galactically stupid right now! Thank you so much! I looked at the back but not the side...
  9. I just bought some AHA from Dan for the first time- expiration date 5/12. It is yellow! Is it supposed to be? It looks white in his demo videos. Please advise!
  10. You should really use the jojoba oil if you're not already. I'm going thru my adjustment period all over again because I was dumb enough to stop the regimen. The jojoba oil is really helping my redness and irritation. I'm also using the oil by itself to exfoliate the flaking about 10 minutes before I wash my face (see the pinned note at the top of this forum). My face is calming down and it's been about a week. BTW- Desert Essence makes a jojoba oil that's better than Dan's, IMHO, and it comes
  11. Hi all- I LOVE airbrush tans during the summer. Got one a few weeks ago and stupidly stopped the regimen for 3 weeks so I could enjoy my tan face. You know that creepy look where your body is tan and your face is white? Tried to avoid that. Bad idea! Had a really bad breakout and now I'm back to square one getting used to the BP all over again. Redness, flakies, etc. So bummed! Moral: If you're going to airbrush tan, keep doing the regimen and find a moisturizer to use temporarily that con
  12. Yes, my skin is clear. Usually flawless from this regimen! I don't even have to use 2 pumps- one is enough for me. I'm actually a little bummed. I took some time off from the regimen to get an airbrush tan (I didn't want to use the BP because it bleaches the tan off). That was 3 weeks ago. Now I'm back a square one, had a bad breakout, and I'm going through the initial adjustment to BP (redness, flakies, itchies, and dryness) all over again. *sigh* Don't stop the regimen! I've been on it for
  13. Hi All- Just got an airbrush tan today. I'm wondering if the BP will bleach the pigment right out of the tan on my face. Anyobdy have experience with this?
  14. Hi Razor- Are you clear? If you are, you can try scaling it back. I was using 1 full pump of Dan's BP and found that I could take it back to 3/4 of a pump, sometimes 1/2 a pump, still stay clear and not flake. Play around the next couple of days and let us know what you find. I found it took about 5 days for the flakiness to disappear when I did this. Make sure you still stay clear, though.
  15. Listen to sprongly. I had the exact same problem. Waiting 15-20 minutes helped me too, but it's also part of the "hardening effect" for some people. It's been 3 weeks, and the stinging is nearly gone for me.