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  1. Hi All,

    I just wanted to share my experience in the feint hope that it might help someone else out there. God know I have certainly taken enough from these forums, so it is about time I gave something back. To cut a long story short, I am 34 years old and have had acne since 15. At around 18-19 the pores on my face became very large and I started getting bumps and blackheads etc. My skin is very very very oily. Up until the age of 30 I cleansed with oatmeal soap/medicated soaps and used Neo-medrol cream at night which controlled the probelm but never really cured it. I discovered the forum and the regimen about 2 years ago and had terrific results from Dan's BP method. However it aged and damaged my skin quite alot and I got tired of looking red etc. For the last 6 months via the dermo I have using a retin-a cream at night followed by finacea during the day. I was using Dove exfoliiating soap morning and night. My skin has been awful during this time and I was about to give up. Then a breakthrough. For the past 3 weeks my skin has cleared up dramatically. The pimples have largely gone and my pores have shrunk considerably. My skin is also alot dryer and much less oily. Here is what I did.


    Wash with Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

    Take one Garlic and one Vitamin C (nonacidic) tablet

    Drink lots of water and eat fruit an veges.


    Wash with Neutrogena Extra Gentle cleanser

    Take a Cenovis Multivitamin, Garlic and Vitamin C Tablet

    Every 3rd night I will use the Neutrogena Exfoliating Scrub wich contains Salycylic Acid.

    I do not really know how but it has completely changed my skin, by basically leaving it alone.

    I do have one questions though. I would like to try to repair my skin after years of sun damage and being on the regimen for a year. I have been looking at Paula's choice BHA 2% Gel and the AHA 8% Gel. Would anyone out there reccomend either one or both for my type of skin. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I really hope that some or all of the info here can help someone out there.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I have really really oily skin and very large pores. have had mild to moderate acne most of my life. I am in my 30's now ;(. I started using the regimen last year and it worked really well in preventing the pimples from arising. It generally made my skin a little reddish, but having no pimples for the first time in my life was a godsend. However after being on the regimen for 9 months I started to notice that I was starting to look really old. I first noticed this under my eyes and lines on my forehead and mouth creases developing. It seemed to me that it made my pores look even larger. Perhaps it was the moisturiser...not sure. One thing I noticed is that my skin was still pretty oily and never really dried out so perhaps that is the reason why my pores looked larger. Whenever my skin goes through a dry spell (hardly ever), my pores seem to be much smaller and tighter.

    Anyway I stopped using the regimen about 6 months ago and decided to visit a dermo. He put me an a retin-a product (Stieva-A) for the night time and finacea during the day. For the last six months my pimples have returned, BUT my skin does not seem to look as tired, damaged wrinkled or aged. I seem to look younger but the pimples are back....catch 22!!!. I have read many many articles on whether using BP is safe and does not damage the skin. From what I can gather the general consensus is that it does create free radicals which damages the skin, much like the sun does. However I have heard that having active acne and pimples is just as damaging to the skin in terms of aging etc. My skin is really bad at the moment and am considering going back on the regimen, but am a little afraid that I will do bad damage to my skin. I would be really interested to see if anyone else has had similar experiences and whether they can offer any advise as to what I should do. I know that Dan has stated in the FAQ that it does not cause premature aging, but I am still a little worried based on what I saw in the last year or so.

    My regimen (morning and night)

    Using Neutrogena Extra gentle cleanser, followed by a generous amount of OTC BP, then Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturiser for Sensitive Skin.

    Many thanks in advance

  3. Hi there,

    I have had moderate to mild acne since I was 14 (20 years). My skin really changed around age 20 when my pores became really large and were always clogged and looked awful. I have the oiliest skin you can imagine. I can run my finger across my skin at any time point during the day and there will be literally a puddle of oil on my finger. I tried a range of products over the years including anti-biotics but nothing really made that much difference. I used Neo-Medrol (sulfur based cream) nightly for 15 years and while that kept the pimples in check reasonably, it did nothing for the blackheads, bumps and open pores. A year ago I decided to give Dan's regimen a go because I was sick of the way my skin looked and I was getting more outbreaks. I must say the regmen worked amazingly well in clearing up my pimples. However it gave me terrible wrinkles under my eyes and I looked about 10 years older. I thought this would go away, but it got worse, and to be honest the aging affect it had on my skin was worse than the acne I had so I decided to quit. Of course the acne came back. I went to a dermatologist about 4mths ago and he told me to use a retin-a at night (Stieva-A 0.025%) and finacea in the morning. BUt after 4 mths my skin is alot worse. I have tried so many different types of cleansers (neutrogena gentle cleanser, Dove Soap, Sapoderm, Blackhead scrub with Salyclic Acid) but I can't tell which is better or worse. To make matters worse I was scheduled to see the Dermo now, but he sadly has passed away so I have to start from scratch. I am just wondering what is the best thing to do for my kind of skin. If I squeeze anywhere on my skin (mostly forehead and cheeks) tiny little hard worms will come out of almost every pore. I still get my fair share of pimples, but it is the thousands of bumps and large pores that is my biggest problem. I just do not know what to do. I have never seen anybody else with skin like mine. Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

    Thanks so much in advance.

    Here is a picture of my skin, but trust me it looks 1000 times worse than this.