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  1. Hi All, I just wanted to share my experience in the feint hope that it might help someone else out there. God know I have certainly taken enough from these forums, so it is about time I gave something back. To cut a long story short, I am 34 years old and have had acne since 15. At around 18-19 the pores on my face became very large and I started getting bumps and blackheads etc. My skin is very very very oily. Up until the age of 30 I cleansed with oatmeal soap/medicated soaps and used Neo-med
  2. Hi Everyone, I have really really oily skin and very large pores. have had mild to moderate acne most of my life. I am in my 30's now ;(. I started using the regimen last year and it worked really well in preventing the pimples from arising. It generally made my skin a little reddish, but having no pimples for the first time in my life was a godsend. However after being on the regimen for 9 months I started to notice that I was starting to look really old. I first noticed this under my eyes and
  3. Hi there, I have had moderate to mild acne since I was 14 (20 years). My skin really changed around age 20 when my pores became really large and were always clogged and looked awful. I have the oiliest skin you can imagine. I can run my finger across my skin at any time point during the day and there will be literally a puddle of oil on my finger. I tried a range of products over the years including anti-biotics but nothing really made that much difference. I used Neo-Medrol (sulfur based crea