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  1. TO THE OP!! Yeah, you have to eliminate both of them entirely... well done analyzing this. Now comes the hard part, execution. Stop eating both of them.
  2. Are you kidding me? The point is that you never stop eating healthy. You claim to eat healthy, but if your acne hasn't cleared up you're not doing it right. Acne is only genetic because humans have evolved to cope with garbage diets. Those who didn't get acne while eating garbage in the past were more likely to reproduce, while eating garbage. People like me are descended from obviously some race which didn't eat bread, dairy, or processed food. I used to think diet and acne weren't relate
  3. I think your question about why some people react differently can be answered by the fact that everyone has different hormonal reactions to food and also allergies. Plus some people's livers have evolved to cope with a westernized diet of bread, red meat and dairy. I have some willpower but I do occasionally crack and eat a peanut butter and jelly then suffer the consequences. As alternatives I try to eat brocolli, asparagus, peppers, chicken, cherries, grapes, FULL FAT yogurt (but I migh
  4. Hey there, I haven't been on the boards in a while and it's funny to see my old posts about using the DKR. I used to think it was godsend, but it gave me the first fine line that my face ever saw. the good news is that since I have stopped using the regimen my fine line is going away since I am only 23 and that's probably too soon to see a line on your face. Thank god i only used the regimen for a few months. It did make me sort of clear but at the expense of premature aging and blotchy skin
  5. I am sure that putting a chemical on my skin every day is not good for it. However, i cannot stand having zits and i absolutely would not be able to shave without dan's regimen. I have been doing the regimen for about half a year now and my skin looked worse when I was on the do nothing regimen than now that I use BP every day and shave.
  6. don't spot treat with BP, the regimen itself should be enough. BP is very powerful and just a small amount is enough to irritate skin, and kill bacteria. If you spot treat you are actually going to make your acne more noticeable because it will redden the area. You should concentrate on finding the right amount of BP for the regimen instead of adding more BP after the fact. Bottom line, BP only works in a certain, very small range. Too much will exacerbate acne, not enough wont stop acne.
  7. For me, the very first night i did the DKR regimen after shaving I noticed I did not get whiteheads where I had shaved. Prior to doing the regimen EVERY time I shaved I got whiteheads and other acnes in my goatee area. Your acne may be hormonal or diet rooted and thus the regimen alone may not be enough. Some things to consider: 1.) Do you eat dairy? 2.) What type of moisturizer are you using? (I have used cetaphil and cerave and both work OK) 3.) Do you sleep on your face? 4.) Are you
  8. the hardest part for me was committing to every single night do it. once i did that the majik began
  9. i dont have any scars but I know my skin always looks the very best when I first get up it's probably the same for you. Reasons are: 1. Pupils are very small when first waking, 2. low blood pressure, 3. effects of relaxation. But the primary reason is number 1
  10. I don't know why it took me so long to finally get on it. But It has been doing wonders. My skin is a bit red but thankfully I only have to do the regimen in my goatee area. I'm suprised that people turn to urine and other strange cures for acne the real one is right here! I was skeptical at first, I used to think not washing my face was the answer, but the answer was the regimen. Thnks Dan!
  11. well first pop them with a needle then if you can handle it fish out all the white with a needle. When it's all gone put bp2.5 to dry them out (i recommend dan kern bp2.5). Sounds like you need the DK regimen. I used to get little white pustules after shaving until I started doing the regimen every night. What are you waiting for?
  12. :lol: I laughed so @#%&ing hard when i read this
  13. I was getting like 1 new pimple a week always on my upper lip or goatee area and it was frustrating the hell out of me. Even mild acne was pissing me off. Recently I started the regimen, oh man, it's working. I havent gotten my weekly pimple and my skin is a little red but 100% clear! I am not using the acne.org moisturizer i am using cerave also I am using cetaphil cleanser. but of coarse im using the acne.org BP 2.5% it's essential, Id rather put this stuff on my face at night than not be a
  14. This is an example of what i want to look like... here just look how hug able i would be
  15. i only use mach III blades one time then i use them exclusively for my #$%! hair