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  1. My acne seems very much contingent upon hormones. It seems that fluctuations in testosterone seem to cause it for me. I don't think things like masturbation and weightlifting cause acne, however doing them in irregular intervals does cause it. This seems to explain why women get acne around the time of their periods, why many people who regularly have sex don't seem to have acne, and, at the very least, me personally. My hope is that my body will grow accustomed to higher testosterone levels a
  2. Maybe i'm overthinking this, but my I'm not sure how best to structure my day around the regimen. When do you guys do your regimen in relation to when you take a shower? If I do the regimen in the morning, then when i work out in the afternoon I have to take a shower, which makes me fear that the stuff will wash off. If I do the regimen before going to bed, then I'm afraid that the BP will interact with the Tazorac that my dermotologist prescribed me. That and it's just hassle having to put a mi
  3. Ok so i started taking tazorac a reallly long time ago. I don't even know when. probably last november. my skin was totally clear by around february. However, i had severe red marks. i started doing a lot of things to get rid of the red marks such as glycolic acid peels, baking soda, mild herbal exfoliants, ACV etc. i started to break out. Now my acne is ... back again, and i can't understand why. it wont seem to go away anymore, when before i didn't have to worry about it. in panic, i've starte
  4. I'm really worried that my red marks will never fade. Can you guys give me some estimations? Also, if you guys could tell me the basis for your estimation (personal experience, friend... etc), it would be greatly appreciated. I'm really appreciating all the help and support on this site. Thanks to Dan and the rest of the acne.org community best of luck to you all!
  5. I was thinking of wearing makeup on certain occasions to cover up redmarks. I'm a male, so ... I don't want anyone to know I'm wearing makeup since that would be mega awkward. In fact, I'm actually incredibly afraid of that happening. Specifically, I'm afraid that there are certain situations that will make it obvious I wear some. I don't really play many sports, however I would guess that I probably can't wear any then since sweat would probably make it ... melt off or something of the sort
  6. I have fairly mild acne, however it is strictly controlled by my diet and regimen. It seems anything that I do out of line causes acne again. The problem I have is that the process of building muscle mass seems to include many of the things that causes my acne. It wouldn't be that bad if I had a body type that was naturally inclined to gain muscle. I'm a hard gainer, or, for those who are biologically inclined, I'm an ectomorph - I have such a high metabolism that gaining muscle is very diffic
  7. I never thought having a really attractive girlfriend would make me feel worse about myself. But it does. When I met her, my skin had mostly cleared up. I felt confident about myself. I've always felt generally confident about myself. I would guess she finds me smart and funny or sweet or something like that. I'd never found myself particularly attractive, but i've been ok i suppose. But recently I've started breaking out and getting acne again. Honestly, it wouldn't bother me if I was