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  1. Ok heres my story, I am an 19 year old male who took antibiotics for 5 months for my skin when I was 16. I also took vitamin B5 for 8 months. Ever since then I have had these symptoms. -Very red irritated eyes -easily pulled muscles -dry dry skin -overall tired feeling -cold hands and feet I went to the doctors and they took a blood test and stool tests and according to them I am perfectly healthy, which is laughable to me. They also said theres no way I am celiac diabetic or any major conditi
  2. OMG QUIT SOLODYN it only works for a couple months then gave me horrible candida infection. Please bro quit the antibiotics take ThreeLac eat healthy and excersise and youll be fine!
  3. How does Olive Oil help candida?? and people will realize in the future how so many diseases especially autoimmune ones are from the breakdown of proper bowel function because of candida and leaky gut
  4. FRUIT IS AMAZING FOR YOU PEOPLE!!! Fruit will not hurt candida or diabetes as long as you dont eat it with fat. Eat it by itself in the morning because it digests fast. Other than that it is great for you because it alkalizes the body and provides with many vitamins and minerals.
  5. HEY to all of you that know you have thyroid problems. Candida and thyroid problems are directly connected. Ive have researched and seen this connection many times but I am too busy now to find the articles. Research yourself because you probably had candida/leaky gut that led to thyroid among other problems.
  6. the only reason colostrum breaks all you guys out is because it raises your Immune System Respone. ACNE is an immune response. If you are reacting bad to it, it just proves you have a comprimised immune, probably in your intestines.
  7. combining the eggs or any fat with sugar (fruit) or carbs is probably causing your breakouts. make sure to seperate the two, get good sleep and exercise outside and youll be free my dude.
  8. YES so true... when I was at college beer gave me the worst breakouts... it has to do with the dehydration it causes or something it messes up in your gut.. candida maybe
  9. I just feel so sorry for the OP and this site is a great place for knowledge thanks to people like alternavista! I will never stop visiting this site!
  10. YES L glutamine helps my food cravings alot especially carb cravings.. its works if you have leaky gut
  11. yea I have done a ton of research on liver flushes and I told my doctor about how many people removed gallstones by doing them. I have done 3 of them and have never removed any stones that I know of. Im just so confused on what to do because I wanna stay away surgery and I still think I have leaky gut, is this connected to gallstones at all?
  12. mhm interesting but I was told surgery is the only way to get out the gallbladder stones
  13. So I just got diagnosed with a gallbladder full of gallstones.. do you guys think I should get surgery and are gallstones anyway related to acne and eyelind/skin inflammation I have been having??
  14. Even better for your skin then applying sea salt is to get outside and sweat alot... The salty sweat clears my skin up everytime combined with the sun.
  15. Yes he does go to the extreme but he even states that most people can become clear just by staying by some of the guidelines and doing the cleanses Also I have a hard time believing that someone followed his rules and still had skin issues