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  1. Dont' you think that Accutane has already made your skin dry and even "fragile" for some? Lemon juice is a bit too harsh for people those are on Accutane. Give your skin a more relaxing and gentle treatment, please!
  2. It's up to individuals, I guess. As for me, I still have my eyebrow trimming, and my Brazilian wax, as usual. Well, but you have to take my doctor's words first that he's amazed at my body's ability to tolerate Accutane. Or is it because I'm on low dose?
  3. I have been on Accutane for three months with a dose of 40mg for Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and 20mg for the rest.
  4. I am not done with my accutane treatment yet. However, the result so far has been so amazing that I find it a must to say "Thank you" to accutane. It's also my hope that it will help people who are on Accutane keep hoping for an incredibly positive change to their skin. http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc234/v...nt-before-1.jpg http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc234/v...Side-before.jpg http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc234/v...ble/After_1.jpg http://i216.photobucket.com/albums/cc2
  5. Cool. I'm thinking of devoting myself as the guinea, too
  6. I forget to track this thread for quite a while So have you ordered Dan's regimen yet? Btw, just wonder whether you have body acne or not. I hope that you don't but in case you do, we should buy the product named Gold Bond Medicated Powder from drugstore, which is described as the ultimate solution by lots of bacne sufferers. I have cysts on my back but just (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood) once in a while
  7. Please put extra cautious to cysts on chin. I have suffered huge cysts on chin for almost nine years. In the beginning, I had no idea about how to treat them and guess what, I am now suffering from tens of tiny keloid scars Stay away from all the foods that can cause scars. By Asian belief, we don't eat kangkong and eggs. Good luck P.S.: I almost forget to add that Doxicycline (previously) and Accutane (currently) help me kill those monster with no single mark left.
  8. Has anyone tried it? Would appreciate a lot if you guys can share your experience
  9. Sorry if my question has been mentioned (and answered) already. Since this thread is 62-page, it would be forgiveable if I wasn't able to go through each and every word of each and every post of each and every page Based on this (http://www.jacemedical.com/articles/Hormonal%20Health%20and%20Balance%20Information.pdf), it looks like I'm a typical victim of estrogen dominance (12/22 symptoms), excess androgen (acne/ super-oily skin and thinning scalp hair) and progesteron deficiency (20/30). So,
  10. Hello guys, There's a guy named Superuke, who's also a SG and wants to try Dan's products. Why don't you message him and ask whether he's still keen on trying them? If yes, you guys can share the shipping cost. I am interested in trying Dan's moisture, jojoba oil and the body buddy actually Sounds easier now?
  11. First of all, I'm not a male so sorry for entering a place that I'm not welcome Secondly, I love that side effects of Tane if any :F Lastly, my friend, you must have looked a lot sexier when the course is finished given this continuous lovely side effects if any All the best
  12. OMG, I can't believe that human beings can treat each other in such a way Poor you!!! But I'm glad that you have been positively motivated by it and Istrongly believe that you'll be rewarded soon One day in the very near future, you will come back to those ugly monsters and show them how gorgeous your skin is, my friend
  13. I love my eyes, my lips, my hair (once in a while when it is well-shaped :-D) and especially my tummy
  14. My sister was advised by her dermatologist to take Zinc to reduce the oil production. She said that it works. So in case the nightmare of a super greasy face comes back when we are off of Tane, I guess we should give Zinc a try