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  1. I started eating poached eggs for breakfast everyday and my skin only seemed to improve.
  2. Somebody once said to me 'you might have been good looking if you'd never got acne' which was hurtful. I perform on stage a lot too, and I heard someone on the front row say to her friend that I had a huge spot on my forehead.
  3. I'm 23, I've been a member on here for a couple of years now, and I have on and off moderate acne. This doesn't sound like I should really be that depressed, but I am. I've suffered with depression along side of my acne since being 17. They started at the same time, and they are definitely linked. My acne came as a surprise to me, because no one in my family has ever suffered. I'm the youngest of 5, all of whom never get even the odd pimple, and I have parents, and grandparents who have never
  4. I have a scar like that on my forehead from being about 17, except it was worse. That was 5 years ago, it took about 6 months for mine to look like it does now. Whenever I tell people they have to look really hard to see it. I wouldn't worry about it fading away. Mine is still indented, but it's the same colour as the rest of my face, so you just can't see it. Yours still looks quite fresh, so don't panic, just give it time. Most of the negative feelings attached to scars come from your not
  5. Even some of my friends don't know how much of a struggle it can be physically and emotionally and they don't really understand that it's pretty impossible to really understand how I feel without experiencing what I have. I'm only 22, nearly 23, but I'm starting to come to terms with the fact my acne may never go away. I still hold out hope, but I'd rather be prepared now. I just wish that some people my age understood how sensitive of a subject it can be. My biggest two annoyances in life are w
  6. I moved house about 4 months ago. It was only down the road so me and my flat mate did it all by hand over 3 days and it's safe to say I stunk by the end of the day. This made me buy deodorant for the first time in years and once I moved into my new house I started breaking out badly again. I blamed it on the water, because every time I have moved for the first week or two I break out and I assume it's the water, but I started to think it could be deodorant, but for the fact that when I spra
  7. The worst things I have ever heard from girls is: 'You might have been good looking if you never got acne" and the other one isn't really something that was said, but I went on a date with a girl that used to have acne but I didn't know this until she told me she couldn't see me again because my acne reminded her of hers and how disgusting she thought she looked. This has really knocked by confidence especially since once your not a teenager the more acne can turn someone off you. Or it has i
  8. This is the second time CBRO has posted the same Thread, almost a month to the day between the two. Those pictures are not the same person there is no way enough scars on the first picture. I've always had pretty mild acne and I have scars.
  9. I too, have gone down the route of doing nothing and I did notice a huge difference although I have never actually become clear. I know my acne got worse with milk through not being able to afford it and my skin getting much better, when I started buying it again much worse. I have now been milk free for 3 years. I still get a few though and they seem triggered but I don't know what by. I'm starting to think wheat as my mum could never eat milk and wheat. Anyway my point is that not using anyt
  10. I've used only water for almost two years now. It made a massive difference to the quality of my skin; no more dryness, no more oil and far less breakouts. I actually used soap for the first time since I stopped last week to get some paint off my face and I have broken out from using it (At least I presume that because it is the only thing that I have done differently to my normal routine). I have also found that since using soap last week my skin is still recovering and is dry-ish. I still
  11. I take: Zinc Gluconate Acidophilus Milk Thistle Flaxseed Oil They work pretty well for me, I mean I have one or two breakouts now and again but not nearly as many as I do without these. Although I have been taking them for so long now I'm not sure If I'd be okay without them
  12. Bump. Any advice for this? I have something very similar and have a job interview in two days and was wondering what I could do to help it heal a bit quicker?
  13. I only get anything where a handlebar moustache would cover nowadays, like top lip and down the sides of my mouth.
  14. Saw Palmetto is supposed to pretty helpful isn't it? I've always been under the impression though that reducing level's of testosterone would be a bad idea because its part of natural male development. I've also read that Saw Palmetto can cause Breast development in males?
  15. It was most likely the iodine, the multivitamins I take now have no iodine compared with some I used to take and it shows.
  16. Cow's are given ridiculous amount of Hormones to produce a higher yield of Milk. These are Hormones are designed for female cows so that they basically feel they are pregnant/just given birth. These hormones are passed on into the Milk. Couple that with the fact Humans cannot digest Cows Milk properly and your asking for a whole world of trouble. Also cutting out dairy for me cleared my forehead from a complete mess into an occasional pimple/spot as a result of my fringe.
  17. have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)? search about it on here and you should find some tips
  18. You sound exactly like me at 19, even down to the Beer and whisky. Take out the Milk and Beer for definite. I found that switching to Cider for when I wanted a Pint down at the pub didn't have an effect like Beer and I tend to stay clear after a drink did on me so maybe try that? I also still drink whisky and it seems to not make much difference either. Saying that about the Beer, the Milk is the most important thing to cut out. But it has to be dairy that you cut out completely. Cow's are give
  19. Cetaphil moisturiser made me break out like I haven't broken out for years! I got a trial bottle from my Pharmacy of both the cleanser and the moisturiser so I was lucky not to have paid for it. This was about 2 weeks ago and is just about cleared.
  20. I have notice something similar to this, my Acne was first on my temples and Chin and about a year later it was concentrated on my cheeks only. A year after that it was Forehead and Chin only. Now it is just around my mouth. wierd.
  21. So for about a month or two I have been completely clear, until yesterday, when out of the blue I woke up to several huge lumps specifically clustered around my mouth in the areas my beard doesn't really grow (although not cysts, they are still massively red). After going to bed last night they have now seemed to double. It's quite fustrating because I am allergic to flouride toothepaste but have been using a herbal toothepaste because of this for as long as I can remember so that ruled a lot of
  22. doesn't it have anti-bacterial qualities? I've always found myself to be my clearest the weeks I smoke.
  23. I seem to be in the same position as you, I have a twin brother who has flawless skin and there is no one else who has or does suffer from acne in my family. Anyway, I don't know what you've already tried or not but I don't swim, but I do run and play soccer and find myself eating a lot of carbs. I have experimented though changing my diet and cutting down on the carbs. I noticed a slight change but not enough to make me think it was the amount of carbs I was eating. So I thought maybe it's my
  24. I have this really strange lump on my forehead, it feels kind of like a cyst but smaller, yet it is incredibly painful to the touch. The part I find weird is that it is not red and wasn't yesterday either when I first noticed the bump and how painful it was. You can see there is a lump but that's all. Is there anything I can do to reduce the lump and get rid of this pain. I really don't want it to develop into anything major because I have some filming to do tomorrow for a Charity event.
  25. I hate shaving, I find using a shaver that you can adjust to leave stubble a lot better than using a razor. And as for Sudocrem, I swear by the stuff, but it does tend to sometimes break me out around my mouth, but only around my mouth. The only thing I use it now for spot treatment when I want to make myself feel psychologically better about a pimple if that makes sense because It does remove a lot of redness and a little bit of swelling which is good but leaves your skin feeling very greasy,