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  1. 4 days of using emu oil: I definitely see a big improvement in the redness. Lots of places that have been red for weeks are almost completely gone. The pimples i did have coming up under the skin have been reduced now and i have 0 active zits on my back (i use head and shoulders and spot treat with emu oil). Now all i have are red marks fading on my back. Again this is only 4 days of using emu oil. Ill update next monday with pics
  2. yea i gotcha. I'm just wanting most of them to fade before next weekend at the lake. FUCK these things On a better note, almost all back acne has died down. two-3 small zits now compared to 20+...just from a few weeks of head and shoulders Im gonna keep going with this for the red marks
  3. Sweet Id go with a more distinguished brand, man Has this worked on old red marks for you?
  4. Day 1. Last night i used this...didn't seem to fade marks yet but it reduced some inflammation or existing zits. Ill keep ya updated
  5. I have some red marks left from about a month or 2 ago. Will this take care of it? Or have those marks been there too long? They arent scars...just red marks
  6. Maximuslce, pro max chocalate I'm not saying acne is caused by protein, i'm saying the opposite, it can carm it down! Again, I'm not saying acne is caused by protein, i'm saying the opposite, it can carm it down! gotcha i think it might. Idk if it helps mine, but it definitely doesnt hurt.
  7. whey is the only way to go. Soy sucks. And no, protein does not cause acne.
  8. I do mix a little lemon. Forgot to add that...but i use my hands. its runny, but i got use to it apply it however you can
  9. I want every single one of you with discoloration/red marks to try this for one week and if you don't see amazingly positive results you are clearly not human. Who knew the best red mark clearing method out there would be...EGGS? I know it might sound crazy, but an egg mask once per day will get rid of the redness. If you are like me and have been through every severe acne/red mark stage then you have tried all there is to try. I have been looking for a solution for 3 months to get rid of
  10. Dude use head and shoulders classic clean shampoo as a body wash
  11. Drink coffee/sodas and eat chips/burgers/fried shit/dairy. Follow these steps and you'll be acne free. No but seriously, look at many cultures around the world who are COMPLETELY acne free...what do they do differently? I think a lot of it has to do with all the preservatives that are found in American food. Thats just my take, but it makes sense.
  12. no its a back regimen...i dont have scalp acne...just back so i use it as a body wash to clear it up. And jojobo oil clogs my pores and breaks me out so i dont use it :/