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  1. I never compare myself to celebrities (no one should) I mean they spend ALL their fortune and time to have the glamorous look we see on TV and magazines, and still many of them DON'T even look that good. As for normal people around us, I don't envy those too, yes I see many girls with flawless skin in shops and malls but you can never tell if they have foundation on or not. To be honest I am not really surrounded with people with clear skin 4 of my cousins have acne (not really bad acne but st
  2. I have been having laser hair removal for 2 years now, and no it didn't cause any scarring. The areas I had them done were my whole leg and upper lip because in my opinion those areas looks disgusting with hair on. I don't have hair on my face e.g. cheeks or chin, but one of friends does and she had them removed using laser. She suffers from acne too and the laser did not improve or worsen her acne.
  3. I read in Woman's Health Magazine that it's good to start using ant-wrinkles cream in your early twenties, so I guess 19 is fine. I have started using such cream few months ago, it's one of L'Oreal anti-aging creams, it's great, makes my skin smooth but the only problem is that it makes my skin oily after few hours. I tried Olay Regenerist few weeks and it made my skin broke out :/ (waste of money!) I'm back to L'Oreal now though I really want to try something new.
  4. I am on the pill now (Co-Cyprindiol) and have been on it for 8 months now and to be honest I wish I would never have to let it go! It has cleared my skin when nothing else seemed to work, and on the plus side my period was reduced from 8 days to 3 days and it isn't as heavy as it used to be, so I'm loving the pill. My previous derm told that she will keep me on the pill for a year and then take it off if my skin has cleared but to my utmost relief my new derm said I could be on them till am 36
  5. If you go for liquid Double Wear, my advice is to apply it with a sponge rather than a brush. I've tried applying it with both, but the sponge blend it much better and makes it look very natural. The coverage is excellent, but make sure you don't put too much. I use an ear cotton to apply 5 small drops: 1 on each cheek, 1 on nose, 1 on forehead and finally on chin, then distribute it the make up sponge. I use both powder and liquid version of Double Wear. The liquid I leave it for special occas
  6. For me it took 2 months on the pill for my skin to clear. Now I only have red scars and they are not that bad. I do worry about the time when I will be off the pill, but I will take your advice and enjoy the present.
  7. I'm freaking out too athough I'm still on my third month on the pill. My doctor told me she will keep me on the pill for a year, and I'm already dreading the time when I have to stop taking it. And so far I have not heard good stories about coming off the pill.
  8. I live in the UK and I have bought mine from ebay. Mandelic acid had cost me about £15 and AHA (this is salicylic acid, right?) is around £21. Though I must say I had tried different brands that contain salicylic acid e.g. Jan Marini, Murad and Paula's choice, the last one is the best and the cheapest. I got Paula's choice AHA is from Europe. I hope that helped.
  9. I'm using the Double Wear compact powder and so far it hasn't given me any problems.
  10. 4 months. I had major personal problems on christmas and on Jan I've started to have few pimples here and there but on March it had turned to mild acne. I think it's resolving now, but the red scars are discouraging.
  11. 1- Hair straightner/curler 2- Tweezer 3- Super City sunblock 4- Foundation (I used to use bare minerals but now using double wear) 5- Paula's choice products
  12. I've happy it's working well for you =D I have dark circles too, I use Loreal Infallible compact powder to cover them, it's fine but lately I don't like the look of it that much. I tried to use Double Wear under my eyes, but I have one fine line under each eye and some of the foundation accumulate there. But I will get the Double Wear poweder, if the coverage is as good as the liquid then I'm sure I will love the effect.
  13. I hope I will be as lucky as you with double wear, Angel07. I've only used it twice now, and I've active acne so it's hard to tell whether it's causing breakout or not. But I must say it would be hard to let this one go, I love the coverage =D
  14. Aha I see. Thanks ;-) Today I've applied double wear using my fingers. I used an ear cotton to get little bit of the foundation and applied it on my cheeks. Then used my fingers to spread it, I just like it more than the brush. I'm going to replace the brush with the powder double wear cuz I like to use powder as a concealer.
  15. I totally agree with Angel07, the Double Wear is amazing!!! I've purchased it yesterday and totally loved the coverage. I've asked the lady about light and she told it's basically the same but provides less coverage. I was totally happy with Double Wear that I've decided to buy it along with the brush. BTW Angel07, what does the powder do?