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  1. I get this...in fact I have one right now! I only get these between my eyebrows or close to the eyebrow where it meets the nose - you know, where the skin seems "thinner" or more "stretched" for lack of a better description. Actually I've had 3 in the past few months, at different times, and the first one I got was the first time I had ever experienced this. The most recent one started as a whitehead and overnight became larger, rock hard, and a little red. It almost felt like a mix between a sm
  2. Hi all - I usually get little plugs between my upper lip and nose that either dry out on their own (with some help from Dan's BP) or come to the surface and I can gently extract with tweezers. But right now I have a blackhead that is incredibly tiny, I had to put my nose right up to the mirror to see it, that's causing redness to the skin around it. This spot is right above my upper lip, low enough where some redness actually touches my lip. I thought it was the beginnings of a pustule by the
  3. Thanks for your reply! I'm pretty excited now, I mean what an easy solution to just stop using the moisturizer I got ahead of myself and just bought the Neutrogena for sensitive skin, the moisturizer I used to use all the time and never had much of an issue with (I just wanted something new and cheaper lol). I used the one with SPF before leaving the house and it was refreshing how light my face felt, if that makes sense, compared to the Pond's. I don't find it very moisturizing though, plus
  4. I have no clue why it's taken me months to realize this, but I'm beginning to suspect that Pond's moisturizer (dry skin cream) is the culprit for all the clogged pores I have on my chin (with some around the mouth area). My chin is my problem area, so it doesn't surprise me that the issue has sprung up there instead of say my cheeks or forehead (which rarely see a spot, inflamed or otherwise). I've squeezed at the clogged pores, a boo-boo I know, but it baffles me as to why they keep filling eve
  5. I had one of these recently - and I have another forming in a different spot. Anyway, I washed my hands, sterilized a needle, and gently poked at it. The gunk came out by itself which was a great sign, but there was still some left so I wrapped tissue around my fingers and gently squeezed it out. It did bleed a little, but stopped quickly. I've been treating it with Neosporin and it's just a flat red dot now after 2 days.
  6. My chin looks like it's been through a butcher shop. Besides the typical red bumps and whiteheads, I have this awful, painful, dime-sized, under the skin lump...like a handful of whiteheads decided to get inflamed all at once and merge together. My chin was really doing well and then this happened and I have no clue why. My skin is super flaky because I keep layering on Dan's BP. I had a minor breakout before this one, maybe I went overboard trying different topicals. I might have overused Queen
  7. If you have any little containers - you know, for travel, so you don't have to lug around an entire shampoo bottle or face wash bottle - you can put a bit of moisturizer in there and it should easily fit in your pocket. If you live with your mom and or have a sister one of them should have a travel container set somewhere. For the flakes, wet a washcloth with lukewarm water and gently exfoliate. You don't want to add further irritation so stop if you notice redness. For the dryness, pick up some
  8. I use Cetaphil and love it, it's very gentle. I found Purpose to be a bit drying for my skin.
  9. I covered a break-out fairly well yesterday and when I checked the spot in natural daylight/my rear-view mirror the center of my chin looked purpleish. What the heck lol.
  10. For the past 2 weeks I haven't worn any foundation, save for my chin area (I blend it well, no worries lol) which usually looks like crap. Overall I feel much fresher and cleaner. I hate the thought of wearing foundation for 8 hours or more.
  11. I purchased the Neutrogena naturals scrub (felt very gentle) a few months ago, and every couple weeks I got red rings around my eyes, sort of like a chemical burn. Because this wasn't consistent it took awhile to conclude that the cleanser was the problem. I switched to Cetaphil and haven't had the problem since.
  12. I forgot to add Jojoba oil and Calamine lotion (that being a recent try) to my list...
  13. Will my chin ever be smooth, white, and clear again? Even though my boyfriend uses a four-blade razor with a good shaving cream, and will shave immediately before I come over (although this has always been his routine, before he met me I mean, shaving/showering in the evenings), my chin is always rubbed raw after a make-out session. It could be because I have sensitive skin, it could be because my skin is more sensitive due to acne products (my chin is my ONLY problem area), it could be beca
  14. I do use BP... 3 of the comedone/whitehead things have become nice red spots. Sigh.