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  1. hey guys one again well went of the regiment about 2, 3 months ago and ime still off it today after about 8 months on it. I decided to stop because it made my face redicously red and i felt i wanted to cope with just a few spots instead than this. Now that ime off it though my face is still red, not as much as on the regiment but still enough to stop me looking good. It really anoys me to the point of me not going out in fear of any pictures being taken of me :/ . so all ime wondering is do
  2. ahhh i see thanks people. they threw it out before i even tried it so i never actually got to try it as to it replacing milk , i drink as least milk as i possibly can, at most its like one bowl of cereal and 2 or 3 cups of tea a month, so that isnt a problem thanks again guys
  3. hey all recently my step sister read in a magazine that cocnut milk is good for you skin and told our parents to get some. she didnt like it when she tried it, and now my dad says i can have it. ime just wondering is it just for making skin smooth or something or can it help for reducing spots ? any help is apreciated !
  4. hey all right i know fish oils are good for you and acne, but does anyone know about mackerel that you boil in a bag and wheather they are good for acne ? because my dad claims that they are very good and one of the best 'oily' fish you can find. thanks any help apreciated
  5. thanks guys next shopping haul will involve berries, strawberries and apples !
  6. ah ok thanks . so basically: get small portions mix with other foods and eat things like berries and kiwis ?
  7. hey all just wondering , i really hate my face because it reacts really badly to a reasonable amount of sugar ,and i like sugar ! i do really like fruit as well though but because of the sugars in that it usally reacts too , so i am just wondering does anyone know of any fruits that i could eat that wouldnt ? thanks any help appreciated
  8. and oh it is panoxyl aquagel 2.5% bp , why ?
  9. yea ive tried that it does work i dont have red skin but i start to break out again after a cupple of days so i carnt just go of it anyone has ideas on the type of bp i am using, like ime using just the gel not dans bp cream and i havnt tried it but i fink using that cream may work better for my redness , anyone ??? if so then i will order some new dans bp instead of my normal gel
  10. anyone ??? ime not being impaction just i want help before christmas aha
  11. hey i think i may add is i just use bp gel not dans regiment cream bp will that have a affect on my redness ??? also i may add, i think this is really wierd but the reason for my redness through the day , well i think is all to do with the bp because my redness is not there when ime off it , however when i get in and put my bp on at about 5 oclock when my face is red, my face seems to go non red anymore and just normal this just confuses me , is anyone else the same ?? also if u where going
  12. ah right i see , thanks alot , any other suggestions in case that doesnt work ??
  13. hey , where bouts can u get it from ???