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  1. something that your are passionate about can always kick the blues, whether it be music, art, sports, family, friends, exercise, find something u love to do and fuck the rest
  2. wow thanks for all the replies and if i could grow a body part id grow a leg and start doing some cross country i took the clean way out
  3. stretch your skin to even it out so it doesnt look like you have scars?
  4. Don't you fret now your not alone i act like i go to the bathroom just to look at my skin, flush the toilet and everything so it sounds like i handle my business
  5. how far off are we from a cure to acne scars?
  6. never had any laser done but maybe u should post some pics of the scars because there are many different ways of treating acne scarring, you might even find out that its not as bad as u think
  7. i no wut u mean but in my case people say man if he dident have acne he whould be so cute
  8. i think that only works if your a pretty boy, but if u already look tough or masculine acne scars make u look scary
  9. poke him back and say fag, fag, fag i dont hate gay people but making fun of someones acne is like calling a gay guy fag, we havent been publicly oppressed for it but we cant hide our acne, he can hide his gay
  10. also is it used for blemishes or deep scarring?
  11. i feel ya man my life was mentally tuff before acne, now i got scars that really mess with me i havent lost any friends but one thing ive learnt is that friends dont really care and wont treat u differently so u should make some phone calls
  12. where can i buy some and can someone post a pic of the right kind of pills and cream to use
  13. i no exactly how u feel, i wanna be an actor then i got scarring and now its gonna be even more difficult to succeed, im just gonna work harder than everyone else because talent surpasses beauty everytime, not to say im not beautiful i am a guy and i have an ego to keep up with, but the scars arent doing me any favors