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  1. acnescarsarehell I have never heard subcision be done for ice pick scars. I have heard that Doctors often lie and say that laser treatment is the way to go. This is because they can make a good amount of money on these laser sessions. Do you have any pictures of your improvements? I would love to see how well your cheeks healed using your techniques. Excision for the larger scars is something new to me and I will have to do some research on that, but thank you for bring more methods to
  2. Hello there Starlite sorry for the late reply as I was re reading Dragz story all over again to freshen up my memory . Yes my scars are similar to Dragz. The doctor that performed his surgery was Dr Rahimi. I've heard that Dragz was just endorsing Dr Rahimi. Some negative remarks have made me a bit skeptical about Dr Rahimi... These remarks I found a couple of days ago on this post. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/324141-had-an-appointment-with-dr-rahimi-rahimi-but-not-sure-if-i-need-mix
  3. Hello there, mrsrobinson Thank you for you encouragement. I'll differently be doing some intense research on suctioning and it's effects. I have also seen the wonders of dermarolling and I'll differently give that a try. This picture was taking around two years. I didn't quite notice that my temple scars are no longer present. My skin has healed my scars on its own. Tomorrow I will be posting two updated pics of my scars so you guys can visualize it better. I actually went on a non fluoride t
  4. Hello there guys. It's been 2-3 years since i have gotten my scars from a really bad break out... I don't break out around my cheeks and forehead anymore. I do have hormonal acne, it's always around my mouth and never seems to scar. I have a 4 k budget any recommendations? I'll be posting two pics of my left side of the face and right side. To me Subcision seems like the way to go. Any feedback would be very well appreciated. I am a 21 year old male, hispanic living in Los Angeles. These picture
  5. I've never really heard that from anybody, but it surely makes me feel better about myself. Years have passed and I haven't done anything about this, but I work now so I can afford to do something. Thanks for the reassuring comments What do you mean by my skin tone limiting the things I can do about my scars? I've been thinking about subcision, but I feel the need to do more research about it. Anyways those are outdated pictures, I'll update my pictures sometime this week. Thanks you once agai
  6. Thank you! I'll be looking at all of this now. It's been a while, I haven't done anything about my scars. It's time to take action. Thank you once again. Your help is appreciated.
  7. Thank you I will take your words in consideration. I'll start looking around now and figuring things out. Thank you so much for you reply it means a lot. I just posted this up hoping for someone that had similar scars and a similar skin tone to mine that had some success with something. Thank's again though appreciate it.
  8. These pictures aren't recent as you can see from the post, it's been nearly a year since these photos were taken, but i'll be glad to upload more recent pictures tomorrow. My acne has diminished, but i still have a pimple here and there. Cystic acne is no longer a problem for me, I was doing a bit of research and subcision seems like the optimum thing to do. Although a year has passed my scars still look very similar so what do you guys recommend for me based on my scars? P.S your help would
  9. You can use the paper you are supposed to put on the toilet the ones you get at the public bathrooms. They work just like the real thing.
  10. I know the real process, but what if there is another thing going on? Let's say that our minds are the ones that cause acne to our bodies. For example if a guy masturbates and thinks "oh no I am going to get acne b/c I masturbated", or he thinks he is going to get acne b/c he ate junk food or chocolate. I think that our mind plays a huge role on acne. I am not saying it is true b/c I don't really know, but that is one theory that I have. What do you guys think? I have heard that masturbation do
  11. If your still out there, and tried PureDeming. Can you let me know how it went?
  12. This thread is very old. I was wondering if these are still the top 5 choices for removing Hyper pigmentation. Post Made In 2003 we currently are in 2011
  13. Well you should not! First of all you need to wait for your acne to go away.