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  1. volcom3453, hey i read an older post of yours today about the acne on your chin and forehead possibily being folliculitis, my acne looks just like yours. and will disappear and reappear again. did you ever get confirmation that it was? my derm said it was bacterial, but not much else was said. i have to try these topicals and antibiotics for six months before i get the ok for tane. i was just hoping you can shed some light on my problem thanks!
  2. thank you, it just looks more to a head and yellow. i am not going to pick (which is hard for me since i have ocd). i just never had one and thought that poof it'd be gone.
  3. my regime is exactly like this prescribed today! except im using benzamycin bascially the same thing.
  4. can i treat different parts of my face with diff medications? i have benzamycin and i have been applying it to my forehead only for a week now. it was presricbed by my allergist whom i first visited when i got acne. these past four months i've been plagued with bumps, pustles, and scalp acne-folliculitis. i was on ziana for five weeks but i dont think it helped for the acne around my hairline (folliculitis). then i got retin a from my derm today. i was thinking of using the retin a (.1) only f
  5. so i went to the derm today, with this thing below my bottom lip and i knew it was a cyst or nodule (apparently nodule) so i got a cortisone shot. this is my first time getting one, and it seems like there is no difference how long does it take for the nodule to go away? it looks like it came more to a head. can i spot treat?
  6. im glad you stuck with it! i gave up after 5 weeks. i couldnt handle the daily breakouts, and the "acne" aroundd my hairline went crazy. i went to my allergist and got benzamycin, and so far its ok, i have a red inflamed bump on my forehead but i think the bp in benzamycin is preventing it from becoming a monster like ziana would. i really wished i would have stuck with it, but my skin responds better to bp i guess. i am going to continue to use the samples i have on my chin area every other ni
  7. i was using ziana for five weeks. i finally have thrown in the towel, it's just that every three days my face changes. my forehead is out of control. i wish i could stick it out longer but i can't i am a wimp, maybe one day ill be able to handle something with retin-a but now is not the time, school is starting soon and i don't want the hassell of a breakout for twelve weeks. so i went to see my allergist who i went to six years ago when i first developed acne (oddly enough on my forehead). i f
  8. with ziana continue using dove or another gentle cleaser. morning i would use something with bp, like dans regime.
  9. we recently found out my little brother suffers from rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and acne on his face. we thought it was just ezcema, since he suffers from that too. he is 14 and he never wants to leave the house. i feel so bad for him, i can't help. no one should have to deal with this! i did some research, but i find it all very shoddy and one website says yes to this and another say no to that, it's just frustrating. he went to one derm and they put him on metrogel and he cleared up wi
  10. ok the beginning of this summer along my hairline i had these flesh colored bumps. they didn't look like your normal acne bumps, i thought i was having a heat rash or somehting. sometimes they would get inflamed like a pimple but there would be no pus, or if there was it would either pop on it's own or just stay there. then they get less red and "die down" for a week or so, while new flshy colored ones devleop int he area. but the same ones that were red, get inflamed again and pussy IN THE SAME