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    Anime, manga, being wiht friends or alone, hates crowd, learning japanese and spanish, soemtiems scary things not tht much, and i like skull tees pants and stuff.
  1. For the school festive thing, i HAVE BE AN oompa loompa. anD I HAVE TO WEAR ORANGE FACE MAKEUP. I have no pimple but some tiny red bumps and acne redness or discoloration. What should i wear to prevent more acne from coming up?
  2. I used to have calm disappearing acne but then after a recent change in cleanser (Salicylic to no salicylic at all an olive cleanser). After using it for two weeks. My face started harboring 2 bit painful pimple (which lasts for week -_-). Now I'm getting more pimple (small , yellow on top annoying pimples). I also bought ice cream but I don't know if it contributes to my pimple. I have been noticing more and more pimple and I'm annoyed. I tried being less stressed (not much stress i am in right
  3. As a girl with acne, I too have problems with boys. All a girl wants is to be loved for who she is.
  4. My skin is mostly discolored so i am wondering if i want a cleanser does it have to be oil free. My acne went away hopefully. Now its all red marks and oiliness. Is olive oil okay for skin?
  5. I want to find a cleanser without SA or BP. Something you can buy in stores. I was looking at St.Ives Element Olive Cleanser. But its not oil free. Can i use that if i don't have active acne but red discoloration mostly. Do you have any recommendation of cleanser that worked for your discoloration and made your skin soft and all nice and normal?
  6. I don't know if i have acne scars or not cause its very confusing. I have red discoloration left by acne. That is a scar right? Or are indention scars?
  7. Wait how can you figure out acne scars? Cause im confused if i have acne scars or not.
  8. I wear Vaseline every night on my skin. (Some times i ignore the cheek since it has acne scars on it). Yeah i feel the burning too occasionally. Its made my skin softer and its healed the flakes too.
  9. Im 15. My acne is gone or unactive i guess. The only thing left are scars (Discoloration of cheeks and redness ). Im wondering if there other option other than laser to clear that. Cause well i dont have money for laser. Its not that bad though.
  10. Crappy. No cysts (a small one pimple though), nothing. JUST PLAIN OLD UGLY SCARS AND REDNESS. I feel like scratching my skin
  11. Yup Welcome to the Acne World. Hi. Hopefully U'll get through it
  12. xD i think so too about the curing acne but idk about the "Ull be Ohsomm".
  13. nope! just saw yo pics, u pretty!!! Im suprised. Since i barely put much pictures. But im happy you think my cheeks are pretty.
  14. My head is big since im asian. Asian have big head. I hate my head. i hate my acne. im not happy.